Housing Options - Housing with Care and Support

If you require housing with care to support and help you with everyday activities or to help you live more independently, there are a number of different housing care options to suit your needs.

Sheltered and Flexicare Housing

Sheltered Housing allows you to live independently but with a warden or supervisor on site or close by who make regular checks on you to ensure that you are okay but will not provide any care services.  You may still need to apply to Social Services for help with your shopping, cleaning and cooking.

Flexicare Housing or extracare schemes are an alternative to residential care homes and provide you with your home to live in but with access to a range of communal facilities. This give you the ability to live independently, but with care close on site when needed. Some properties are available for rent and some may also be available to buy.

There are currently three such schemes in Stafford Borough:

Elmwood, Stafford

Jubilee Court, Stafford

Summerfield Court, Stone

For help with applying you can speak to your Social Worker or contact our Housing Options Team on 01785 619000.

How much do they cost?

  • The cost of renting or leasing your home
  • Service charges for grounds maintenance and communal facilities
  • Your support and personal care costs (if applicable)
  • Any additional activities, transport and shopping costs (if applicable)

You can contact the Housing Benefits Team on 01785 619000 to find out more about covering these costs.

Residential Care and Nursing Homes

Residential care provides care if you cannot continue living in your own home, even with support. You may stay in residential care for a short time, known as respite care, over a longer period or permanently. While you are there they will provide personal care including help with getting up or going to bed, eating, washing, dressing and using the toilet.

Nursing homes are better suited if you require more specific care, such as regular medical attention. A team of registered nurses and qualified care assistants will care you for during your stay, where this is for a short time, known as respite care, over a longer period or permanently.

Residential Care and Care Homes offer you:

  • Day to day support
  • A comfortable and safe environment to live in
  • Activities of interest and enjoyment
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Support for your needs

Where to look for further information

You can visit the Care Quality Commission website to find out about housing care services available in your area.

You can visit HousingCare who offer a wide range of information and details of all UK sheltered housing and care homes.

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