Licence - Lottery

Gambling Act 2005

The Gambling Act 2005 authorises the conduct of small lotteries (e.g. a sweepstake or a raffle or draw) by societies for raising money for charitable, sports and other similar purposes, otherwise than for private gain. The non-commercial society on whose behalf the lottery is promoted must first be registered with the appropriate authority, and the lottery must be conducted in a manner complying with the Act.

For more information please see the Gambling Commission website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I appeal against a refusal to register a society?

If the authority propose to refuse to register the society they must first give the society an opportunity of being heard, and eventually notify their decision to the society. If registration is finally refused the society has a right to appeal to the Magistrates Court within 21 days of receipt of the notice of decision.

How much does it cost to register?

The current statutory fee of £40. This fee is amended from time to time and it would be advisable to check with the authority as to the amount currently required to be paid on application for registration. There is an annual fee of £20.00 thereafter.

How long is registration valid for?

When applying for a registration the society must pay a registration fee. Each registration runs for 12 months. If the society wishes to continue to be registered they must pay to the local authority the annual fee of £20.00 which is payable within the period of two months which ends immediately before each anniversary of the registration.

Are there any limits on prizes?

The amount of the proceeds of a society's lottery appropriated for the provision of prizes and expenses together must not exceed 80%.

What information needs to be on lottery tickets?

Every ticket distributed or sold must specify the name of the society, the name and address of the promoter, the price of the ticket (which must be the same for all tickets) and the date of the lottery. Every ticket distributed or sold in a lottery must also specify that the society is registered either with the local authority, in which case the name of the authority must be included.

Are there any age restrictions?

No ticket or chance may be sold to any person under the age of 16 years.

Is there a limit on the price of tickets?

The price of every ticket must be the same and printed on the ticket.

The society on whose behalf the lottery is promoted must first be registered with the Council if their Head Office is within Stafford Borough.

Where can I get an application form?

You can request an application form from the Licensing Section using the details at the top of the page or by calling 01785 619745. Or you can download a pdf copy of the application form (pdf 15kb)


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