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Our local land charges team provides information for people buying, selling or leasing homes, other property or land within Stafford Borough.

We’re also signed up to the National Land and Information Service (NLIS) where you can find more information on the background of Land Charges and the licensed channels).

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How to Request a Full SearchOfficial Land Charge Searches

CON 29 R Questions

The CON 29 R enquiries questionnaire, which forms part of the official search, contains many 'Warning' questions, the answers to which you will not find on any of the statutory registers.

Examples of the information only to be found by submitting a CON 29 R are given below:-

  • Any trees in your garden that are covered by a Tree Preservation Order.
  • Any Enforcement Notices that have been applied to your property.
  • Any proposals for new roads.
  • If your property is a Listed Building.
  • If your property lies within a Conservation Area.
  • If your property has been subject to a Housing Grant.

CON 29 O Optional Questions

The CON 29 O enquiry form, comprises of 19 optional questions (4 - 22) to the CON 29 R required questionnaire and are charged at £24.00.

You may also ask a question that is not on the form. If we can answer the question we will, but we may not have the information you want.

There is a charge of £24.00 for every additional question we answer.

Common Land enquiries are covered by question 22 of CON 29 O as an optional question.

Drainage and Common Land Enquiries

CON29 3.3 (a) and (b) Drainage Agreements and Consents are covered by Stafford Borough Council official search. All other drainage and additional water supply questions should be directed to Severn Trent Water.

Severn Trent Searches, PO Box 10155, Nottingham NG1 9HQ

Tel: 0115 971 3550

We do not answer brine queries as Brine Pumping in Stafford ceased in 1978. 

We also do not answer landfill queries - if you have a landfill query, please contact the Environment Agency on Tel: 01543 444141.

Our Commitment to You

Most residential property searches are processed and returned in substantially less time than the guidance of 10 days.

We aim to return all official searches within 20 working days.

01785 619338

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