Unacceptable Excuses for Challenging a Fine

How we use your personal information

The information we will collect about you will be used by Stafford Borough Council, who are the data controller, to allow us to process your parking penalty notice. We will only share your information, initially, with our internal customer services departments for facilitating payments and refunds. In cases of non-payment or dispute of penalty notice we will pass your information to third parties for processing as detailed in our full privacy notice which may be found at www.staffordbc.gov.uk/PrivacyNotice.

The ticket machine issued me a ticket for a lower value than the money I inserted in the machine.

The display window on the car park ticket machine should always be checked before pressing the button for a ticket.  It is also the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to check the car park ticket purchased indicates the required expiry time before placing it within their vehicle.

I forgot to buy a ticket/I was late because I did not think it would take so long/I was delayed in the bank/queue/dentist.

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they purchase an appropriate ticket for the full duration of their stay and that they return to their vehicle before the expiry time printed on the car park ticket.

My blue disabled badge allows me to park anywhere I like.

Our boards state that Blue Badge holders are entitled to park their vehicles free of charge.

Blue Badge holders are also not allowed to park their vehicles out of a marked bay or upon yellow lines in our car parks.

Please refer to the blue badge holder's handbook for further details.

I had gone to get some change for the machine.

The car park inspectors allow approximately 5 minutes to obtain change for our machines.  Vehicles are observed and if a valid ticket has not been purchased within this time limit a penalty charge notice will be issued.

I was not parked within a marked space because:

  • I parked in a space another vehicle had just vacated
  • I was late already and there were no spaces available
  • I was not causing an obstruction
  • There were hardly any other cars in the car park
  • I did not realise that my season ticket/permit had expired

Season tickets and permits that have expired are no longer valid.  The tariff board clearly states that a valid parking ticket should be displayed. 

This excuse is only acceptable when you have purchased a season ticket or been issued with a permit and have forgotten to display the new one.

NB:  We will not backdate season ticket applications, in the event of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle's owner to ensure that a valid season ticket/permit is on display.

I did not know that you had to pay on all Bank Holidays except for Christmas Day.

The tariff boards clearly state that parking charges are operational on these days.


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