Parking Fines - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)?

Parking Attendants (sometimes referred to as traffic wardens).

Challenge/Dispute Questions

How do I know which charging structure I have to pay?

The details of which charge you are required to pay will be on your Penalty Charge Notice. Information on the two-tier penalty charges.

What do I do if I think my PCN is unfair?

If you feel that you should not have received a Penalty Notice (also known as a parking ticket) from us, you may wish to challenge it (see Related Pages link on the right).

If I submit a challenge, will I lose the opportunity to pay at the discounted rate?

No, providing the challenge is received within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice issue date, the option to pay at the discounted rate will be held until a decision is made.

How do I challenge? The attendant advised me to ring you?

You need to put your points in writing or complete the online challenge form on the website (see 'How do I challenge a PCN?').

Also please send copies of evidence to support the facts.

Do not send originals and keep a copy of all correspondence sent.

Can I come to your office to discuss my dispute?

No. Challenges to the issuing of a Penalty Charge Notice can only be dealt with in writing. You will receive a written response.

Can I sort this dispute over the telephone?

No. You must write, stating the grounds of your dispute. You may also complete the online challenge form.

You have rejected my challenge. I don’t agree, what happens now?

The council will send you a Notice to Owner (NtO) after 28 days.

You can than make a formal dispute (Representation).

The Notice to Owner will tell you how and on what grounds you may dispute.

If the council accepts your dispute the case will be closed and this will be confirmed in writing. If it doesn’t accept your dispute, it will issue you with a Notice of Rejection. This will tell you that you must either pay within 28 days or appeal to the independent adjudicator.

The council will send you the necessary forms.

(Once Notice to Owner received) I didn’t own this vehicle at the time/never owned it.

You must make a formal Representation and provide written evidence of disposal/acquisition and details of the actual owner.

If you never owned the vehicle you must provide written evidence from the DVLA.

If you have no written evidence you may wish to seek legal advice in regard to swearing an affidavit.

(Representation rejected) I don’t agree with your decision. What can I do?

You may appeal to the independent adjudicator - Traffic Penalty Tribunal (England and Wales). You can request a personal hearing near your home or place of work. Traffic Penalty Tribunal will write to you.

I have received a Charge Certificate, but didn’t receive the Notice to Owner. Can I dispute the Penalty?

No. The Notice to Owner was sent to the same address and its too late now.

The Council will register the debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) and send you the court order. Please read these carefully. You can then make a Witness Statement if you didn't receive the Notice to Owner.

The court papers will explain the grounds and the procedures.

The declaration must be sworn as set out in the papers.

I have received the court order but want to dispute the penalty now. Can I do this?

No. Please read the court papers carefully. You can make a Witness Statement if the grounds shown in the court papers apply. This may enable you to have the opportunity of presenting your case.

You can’t make a declaration if none of the grounds apply.

I’ve been contacted by the Bailiffs. Can I dispute the Penalty now?

No, it’s too late. Please speak directly to the Bailiff or seek legal advice or contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

General Questions

Is it just another money making scheme for the Council?

The rules are aimed at making parking fairer for the motorist - making the charge more proportional to the contravention.

The council does not make a profit from issuing Penalty Charge Notices and all money received is put back into parking services.

I no longer own this vehicle, why do you keep writing to me?

You are still the registered owner/keeper with the DVLA and you need to inform them of when and whom you sold the vehicle to.

The registered owner/keeper is responsible for any Penalty Charge Notice's issued to the vehicle.

Other Bailiff Queries

You must contact the Bailiffs. They will tell you about their complaints procedure. You can also ask your local county court to access the charges if you think they are excessive, but you may have to pay for this.

Payment Questions

I am trying to pay on the automated telephone line and the system keeps looping?

This is a technical fault due to the large volume of calls, please wait a short time and try again later.

I did not receive a Penalty Charge Notice, but have received a Notice to Owner requesting that I pay £50/£70 for a Penalty Charge Notice. Can I pay the discounted rate of £25/35?

No. The discounted sum can only be paid within 14 days of the contravention. The Penalty Charge Notice was issued and we can only assume that a member of the public has removed it. You will need to make a representation to that effect.

I have already paid this Penalty Charge Notice and you have sent me a Notice to Owner / Charge Certificate.

Please write to us with details and evidence.

Please provide proof of payment and/or a copy of both sides of your cheque/postal order if paid by this method.

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