How do I challenge a Stafford Borough Car Park Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Once a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued it cannot be cancelled by the Enforcement Officer. If you feel the notice has been issued unfairly you can only challenge the decision in writing or email. You can only challenge a PCN issued on a car park owned Stafford Borough Council on this site. If it was issued on the street please visit Staffordshire County Council's website.

Please read the following information carefully.

  • How we use your personal information - The information we will collect about you will be used by Stafford Borough Council, who are the data controller, to allow us to process your parking penalty notice. We will only share your information, initially, with our internal customer services departments for facilitating payments and refunds. In cases of non-payment or dispute of penalty notice we will pass your information to third parties for processing as detailed in our full privacy notice which may be found at
  • Only penalty charge notices (PCN's) issued on Stafford Borough Car parks having a reference number commencing ZZ can be challenged on this site.

Written challenges should be sent to:-

Parking Services
PO Box 4907
Stoke on Trent

You can also email us at or use the online Car Park Fine Challenge Form.

Please quote your Penalty Charge Notice number beginning with "ZZ" and your full postal address.

State your case clearly and simply.  You will need to explain the reason you disagree with your penalty and give us a photocopy of any information that may support your case (send copies and keep the originals safe). This could include a pay and display ticket, photographs, a witness statement, a delivery note to show you were loading. Also, keep a copy of your letter.

No challenges will be accepted over the telephone or in person.

What happens next?

The Council must consider your challenge and accept or reject it in writing.

When we receive your information we will investigate your case and reply in writing - usually within five working days. If the challenge is accepted, the council will cancel the penalty. If the challenge is rejected you must decide whether to:

  • Pay the penalty (see How and where can I pay a PCN?)
  • Appeal to the Independent Adjudicator (Traffic Penalty Tribunal (England and Wales). Please note, you may only appeal to the Independent Adjudicator if you have first made written representations to the council that issued the PCN/parking ticket and these have been rejected.

If I challenge the penalty, will I still have to pay it?

No. If you want to challenge the PCN, you do not need to pay whilst the appeal is being considered in order to qualify for the discounted rate. An appeal must be made within 14 days of the issue of the PCN

  • If we accept the reasons for your challenge you will not have to pay the penalty.
  • If we do not accept the reasons for your challenge, you will have 14 days from the date of the rejection letter to take advantage of the reduced rate fine

What if I do not pay or challenge the penalty?

If after 28 days the penalty is not paid or challenged, a document called a Notice to Owner is sent to the owner or keeper of the vehicle. They can either pay the fine or make a representation to us. Details of how to make a representation are on the back of the Notice to Owner document. The result of the representation will be sent in writing to the owner or keeper.

Whatever you do, don't ignore a PCN/Parking Ticket! Respond promptly to the PCN (taking the date on the PCN as day one). The council must receive payment or a written challenge by day 28. If you do nothing, the council may enforce payment.

Unpaid parking tickets are a civil debt and recoverable in the same ways as any other such debt.

The council must accept payment of 50% reduced penalty if it receives payment by day 14 (or day 21 for a contravention detected by a camera).

A council does have discretion to accept payment of the penalty at the discount rate beyond day 14 or 21.

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