Circumstances for Challenging a Fine - How we use your personal information

The information we will collect about you will be used by Stafford Borough Council, who are the data controller, to allow us to process your parking penalty notice.

We will only share your information, initially, with our internal customer services departments for facilitating payments and refunds.

In cases of non-payment or dispute of penalty notice we will pass your information to third parties for processing as detailed in our full privacy notice which may be found at

The following examples demonstrate circumstances where the Council may apply discretion.

I was taken ill in Stafford and I was admitted to hospital. My car was left in the car park.

Please supply details of admission to hospital on hospital headed paper or a letter from your doctor (GP).

My vehicle had broken down and was waiting removal/repair.

Please supply documentary evidence of the vehicle breakdown, including the reason.

My season ticket vehicle registration number did not match the vehicle I was using because I was using a courtesy vehicle.

Please provide documentary evidence that you were using a courtesy vehicle.


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