St John's School to Beacon Hill and Hopton Pools Doorstep Walk

The programme of Doorstep walks is currently under review.  Please take care whilst out walking the routes as the weather and changing seasons can affect the terrain.

Length of walk: Approx 4.5 miles

Duration of walk: Approx 3 hours

Good place to start: St Johns Primary school, Weston Road

Notes: Take care on Lanes

  1. From St. John's School walk out of town along the Weston Road, towards the university.
  2. When you reach the woodland on the left, Kingston Pool Covert, turn into the wood through the second wooden kissing gate. Follow the path through the wood, across a small wetland area, until you reach Gladstone way.
  3. Turn right here and continue walking till you reach Beaconside, cross the road and take the lane leading to Beacon Farm.
  4. At Beacon Farm continue between the two farm houses, then through the second red gate. Take a straight course towards the wood on the hill, continuing over two stiles.
  5. At the top of Beacon Hill go over a stile and carry on walking with the wood on the left. At the edge of the wood, climb another stile and continue in the same another stile is reached. Turn right here and continue along the hedge to the end of the field, crossing yet another stile and emerging onto a track. Turn left following the track through two fields.
  6. You will turn right shortly, along a grassy track up to a stile. Continue in the same direction across this field up to a metal kissing gate. Go through the gate and down hill to the pools.
  7. Turn left and continue along the edge of the pools and over a small footbridge keeping the pool on your right. Go over the stile at the end of the pools. Continue along the edge of the field. Follow the hedge on your left for a short distance then bear right up hill slightly and cross another stile. Continue towards Hopton Village and walk along the rear of the back gardens. You can take a detour into Hopton Village from here if you wish.
  8. Otherwise, turn left at the end of the field and head back downhill, crossing a brook and a stile before reaching a track. Follow this towards the wood on the hill, then over the stile in the hedge on the right.
  9. Take a course towards the right corner of the wood then head back downhill through Beacon Farm to Beaconside, retracing your steps.

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