Baswich to Tixall Doorstep Walk

Length of walk: Approx 5 miles

Duration of walk:  Approx 3 hours

Good place to start: Falmouth Avenue, Baswich

Notes: Can be muddy

  1. Cross Stoneford Bridge on to the canal towpath and turn right.  Follow the path until you reach Baswich Lane at St Thomas Bridge.
  2. Turn right and proceed along the lane across two bridges over different parts of the Sow.
  3. As you pass St Thomas Priory Farm, after the second bridge, take the footpath on the right through the farm. Follow the obvious track to the left of the house. Just before the sewage works climb over the signed stile to the left of the fence and carry on to the road for the sewage works.
  4. Stay on the road passing the sewage works, until you get to the signposted path to the left. Follow the track around the perimeter fence. At the end of the sewage works, head round the bottom of the bank near the river, bearing left on level ground below a water trough. 
  5. Walk straight ahead to another stile with Swimmings Wood on your right.  At a stile next to the gate, go straight ahead towards a covert. Take the stile to the left of the wood, Black Covert, passing between the wood and Berry Hill on your left. On the other side of the wood cross the stile / bridge and then walk over the field to the stile on Tixall Road.
  6. Turn right down the road to the canal bridge. Turn right on the towpath and head back towards the starting point. Cross over Milford Bridge to the towpath on the other side of the canal. At Stoneford Bridge turn left (if you started at Falmouth Avenue) and go under the railway bridge and up the track. Whilst this will eventually lead directly out onto Falmouth Avenue, for the time being, take the path to the right before the gate. In the field turn left through the gap in the fence and up hill to the stile. Cross two more stiles, which will bring you back to Falmouth Avenue.

If you notice any changes with the walk, please make a note of the number and what the change is and email it over to us so we can make sure the directions are up to date.

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