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Ownership of Sewers

Information on the ownership of sewers - Severn Trent Water (

Ownership of all sewers beyond the boundary of your property and those which are shared with other properties whether on your property or not transferred over to Seven Trent Water.

Drains that serve only your property within the property boundaries still remain the responsibility of the homeowner or occupier depending on the arrangements that are in place. For clarification on rented properties please refer to your tenancy agreement or your landlord/housing association.

This Authority may, where deemed necessary, serve notices upon those served by private drains to ensure that a private drain is adequately maintained. This council has no responsibility for the maintenance of private sewers drains and the only involvement is in an enforcing capacity. Investigation and enforcement action is only undertaken if it is considered that there is a significant public health implication.

Transfer of Private Sewage Pumping Stations

Information on pumping station and manhole ownership - Severn Trent Water (

The current owners of a private pumping station are still currently responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the sites until the transfer date of 1 October 2016.

How do I report a Blocked Sewer?

Severn Trent Water are responsible for the work of maintaining public sewers in the Stafford area.

If you have a sewer problem please contact Severn Trent Water on their 24 hour line, 0800 783 4444, or access them at report a problem - Severn Trent Water (

For general help and advice on drainage, continue to contact the Council during office hours on 01785 619402.

Odour from Sewers

For advice regarding odours from sewers please check the ‘Guide to Sewerage Smells (’. Issues with public sewers should be reported to Severn Trent on their 24-hour line, 0800 783 4444.

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