Fly Posting

What is Fly Posting?

Fly Posting is the act of attaching advertising posters, banners, placards, notices, signs, flyers or stickers onto lampposts, trees, railings, litter bins or any other structure without permission, on the highway (roads and footpaths). This also applies to domestic estate agent signs that are staked into a grass verge, or pointer signs attached to road name plate signs.

Why is it illegal?

Fly Posting can be unsightly and can make Stafford Borough appear less attractive for residents and visitors to the Borough. As well as making the area seem untidy, there is also the danger of drivers being distracted where an illegal advertisement obscures a road sign or railings on the side of the road; such signs can also be hazardous to members of the public.

Stafford Borough Council believes that there are other legitimate ways for businesses and other organisations to promote their services without the need to resort to placing illegal advertisements around the Borough.

Fly Posting is an illegal and unfair practice; it puts businesses that abide by the rules at a disadvantage and can in turn create a less attractive shopping environment for shoppers.

Report it

Our Environmental Crime Team welcomes the reporting of fly posting, and if you do know of any such illegal signs that fit the above criteria, please report it using the fly posting online form or call 01785 619000 or email with the details.

For more guidance on illegal advertisements, please visit the website.

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