Curtilage Listed Buildings

Buildings or structures such as outbuildings or farm buildings can be curtilage listed. This means they have the same listed status as the main listed building.

Its often a difficult exercise to determine and is a balance between professional judgement, the specifics of the case and case law. The Conservation Officer will be able to answer questions on whether buildings or structures are considered to be curtilage listed.

No case is the same and the Conservation Officer will make their decision based on:-

  1. the physical layout of the listed building and the building or structure
  2. whether the structure formed part of the curtilage prior to 1 July 1948
  3. the ownership, past and present
  4. the use or function of the curtilage building and its relationship to the main listed building

If your building is deemed to be curtilage listed, then listed building consent will be required for any extensions or alterations (both internal and external) that could affect its historic and architectural interest.

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