Listed Buildings

What is a Listed Building?

A building or structure is listed when its of national architectural and historic interest.

Buildings are listed by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport under advice from Historic England. Each listed building or structure is divided into one of three categories which relate to their importance:-

  • Grade I: 'Buildings are of exceptional interest';
  • Grade II*: 'Buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest';
  • Grade II: 'Buildings are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them'.

Within Stafford Borough there are 833 listed buildings:

  • 23 Grade I (2.8%) (Nationally 2.5%);
  • 69 Grade II* (8.3%) (Nationally 5.8%); and
  • 741 Grade II (88.9%) (Nationally 91.7%)

Its commonly thought only the front of a building is listed but, regardless of grade, the listing includes any object or structure fixed to the building whether its historic or modern. It includes internal as well as external architectural and historic features, fixtures and fittings and can also include certain structures within the curtilage of the building (Curtilage Listed Buildings), such as outbuildings or boundary walls.

Find out if a building is listed

Historic England hold the database of all buildings which are listed, known as the National Heritage List for England, which is continuously updated.

Heritage at Risk

The Heritage at Risk (HAR) Register identifies those sites that are most at risk of being lost as a result of neglect, decay or inappropriate development.

Recommending something for listing

The listing of buildings is undertaken by Historic England and applications can be made through Historic England - Apply for Listing, which also provides guidance of the listing process.

Applying for Listed Building Consent

How to apply for Listed Building Consent.

Do I need Listed Building Consent?

Find out if you need Listed Building Consent before you start making alterations.

Making alterations to a Listed Building

What to do before making alterations to a Listed Building.

Unauthorised Works and Listed Building Enforcement

Before any works take place on a listed building the Conservation Officer must be contacted to discuss whether consent is needed. Unauthorised works could result in enforcement action being taken by the Council.

Responsibilities as an owner / tenant of a Listed Building

Owning a listed building or structure doesn’t always mean that that the building is frozen in time and not able to be altered or extended.

Listed Buildings do need care and an understanding as to their construction methods which are different to modern day techniques which can cause damage to the historic fabric.

Extensions and alterations need to be of a high quality design and materials with attention given to preserving and respecting the special interest and significance of a building.

Each case will be assessed on a site by site basis as to the acceptability of any proposed alterations/extensions.


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