A Guide to Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction

Housing and Local Council Tax Reduction is a means tested benefit administered by the Council. 

Who can claim Housing Benefit?

If you pay rent to a landlord you should apply for Universal Credit (gov.uk) for help with your housing costs.

You can claim Housing Benefit if you are of State Pension age (gov.uk) or live in temporary or supported accommodation.

Housing Benefit entitlement will normally start from the Monday following your date of first contact with a designated authority (Local Council, Department for Works and Pensions).

Who can claim Local Council Tax Reduction?

Anyone who has a liability to pay Council Tax can apply for Local Council Tax Reduction, even if you already get a discount on your Council Tax i.e. if you live alone.

You can claim even if you work and have a low income.

In some cases, even though you have a liability to pay council tax you would not be entitled to Local Council Tax Reduction. For example when someone:

  • Has income which is too high to qualify
  • Is of working age and has capital or savings in excess of £6000 (pensionable age level is £16000)

To make a claim please visit our online forms page.

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