Recycling and Waste

Recycling and Waste Collections 2018

Did you know that you could make a big difference by recycling from the smallest room in your house?  Lots of people recycle from the kitchen but forget that there is a lot that can be recycled from the bathroom too.  Please visit for more information.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!Ever wondered where the recycling you put in your blue bin goes? Check out our informative short film, Message in a Bottle to find out!

Paper Caddy

Where possible the caddy should be kept inside the blue bin.  However if you need more room for your mixed recycling in the blue bin, the caddy can be taken out and placed at the side of the bin for collection.

If the caddy is placed beside the bin please put the paper inside carrier bags, to prevent the paper from blowing away or getting excessively wet.  These bags will not be returned to your property but will be recycled.

If your paper caddy is missing or damaged please call our Customer Contact Centre on 01785 619402 or email
with your address details so that we can arrange a free replacement.

180 litre Green Wheeled Bins

The standard size green bin for residents in Stafford Borough is now 180 litres, replacing the previously issued 240 litre bins. This size bin will be provided to all new properties and as a replacement bin for missing and damaged bins.

The 180 litre bin can also be provided on request if you are finding the existing bin too large for your requirements.

A replacement 240 litre bin can be provided for a one off charge of £40.

Please contact us on 01785 619402 to make required arrangements.

Further information can be found by visiting our Recycling Frequently Asked Questions page.

Waste Minimisation

For advice on how to reduce the amount of waste your household produces please visit the Staffordshire Waste Partnership website.

Further Waste Minimisation advice can be found on the following webpages:

Tel: 01785 619402
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