Recycling Metals

Recycling of Metals Following a Cremation

Since 2013, the council has raised and donated tens of thousands of pounds to charity by recycling metals that remain after a cremation.

In order for metals to be recycled, people who have lost loved ones need to give permission for the recycling of all metals that remain following a cremation. Where permission is not granted, the metal is returned to the family within the ashes following the cremation.

Under the conditions of participation, the council is required to donate the money raised to locally based death-related charities (see table below) and receives no commercial gain from participating in this scheme.

Date of Donation Recipient Amount Donated
August 2013 Stafford and District Bereavement Loss/Support - £3,400
March 2014 A Child of Mine - £4,412
September 2014 Katharine House Hospice - £3,333
November 2015 Donna Louise Trust - £4,321
March 2016 Stafford and District Bereavement Loss/Support - £4,445
September 2016 Katharine House Hospice - £4,337
March 2017 Douglas McMillan Hospice - £5,000
October 2017 Donna Louise Trust - £5,000
June 2018 A Child of Mine - £5,000
March 2018 The Moira Fund - £5,000
July 2019 Fountains Counselling Service - £8,000
November 2019 Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - £8,000
March 2020 Postponed (Covid-19) -
December 2020 Stafford and District Bereavement Loss/Support - £10,000
July 2021 A Child of Mine - £10,000
February 2022 Stafford Samaritans - £15,000
September 2022 Windmills
(Acute Bereavement Support for Children and Young People in Staffordshire) -


For many years it was standard practice all over the UK for metals remaining following a cremation to be collected and respectfully buried in the grounds of crematoria and cemeteries. This is no longer considered to be a satisfactory solution as it introduces metals into the ground that will remain there forever and this practice also uses up valuable space.

Primarily used for implants, such metals that remain after a cremation include special medical grade stainless steel, titanium and cobalt chrome all produced from non-renewable resources. However, for a number of years now it has been possible to recycle these metals and in August 2013 Stafford Borough Council joined the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management’s (ICCM) Metal Recycling Scheme. This arrangement ensures all metals following cremation are properly collected and recycled at no cost. This is completed in conjunction with OrthoMetals; a company based in Holland which has been providing this service through the Dutch Cremation Federation for many years.

Our unreserved thanks are extended to those bereaved families who have given permission and made this scheme such a success. It is our hope that they take comfort in the knowledge that their loss is helping fund a charity dedicated to making life easier for others who have suffered bereavement.

We would like to know of any bereavement-related charities based in Stafford Borough that we could consider for future donations as part of this worthwhile scheme.

Please email or call 01785 242594

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