Homelessness - Making a Homelessness Application

If you want to make a homelessness application, we will ask you to attend a homeless interview with an officer from the Housing Options Team who will talk to you about your housing situation, fill in an application form and explain what will happen.

What do I need to bring with me to a homeless interview?

You will need to bring with you:

  • Proof of ID for your whole household, such as passports, driving licenses or birth certificates
  • Proof of your household income
  • Proof of any benefits you receive
  • Proof of your National Insurance numbers

You will also need to provide any documents relating to your current situation, these may include:

  • Proof of pregnancy
  • A copy of your tenancy agreement
  • An eviction notice
  • Any letters from your mortgage lender
  • Information about any debts you may have
  • Any medical letters from your GP or hospital

What happens during the interview?

When you attend a homeless interview, our Housing Options Team Officer will talk to you about your current housing situation and will complete a homelessness application with you. They will also take copies of any related documents you have brought in. Once finished, you will be asked to read through the application and sign it.

It may sometimes be necessary to contact a third party such as Social Care Services, your landlord, parents, relatives, bank, or another authority or organisation to help us when we investigate your homelessness application. We will always ask for your permission before we contact anyone.

If you have nowhere to go, we can put you into temporary accommodation while we look at your application and make our decision, this may be in a Bed and Breakfast or hostel. While you are in temporary accommodation, you should continue to explore all housing options including Homes Plus, other housing associations and private renting through our Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Please note that it can take up to an hour to complete your application, so please make sure that you allow enough time when you come in.

When will I receive a decision?

We have 33 working days from the date of your application to make a decision. Once the homeless interview is complete, your Housing Options Team Officer may need to make further enquiries, based upon the information you have given and your current circumstances. Once these enquiries have been made, a decision will be made whether you are homeless and in priority need and we send you a letter telling you this and the reasons for it.

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