Food Safety - Safer Food Better Business

Safer food, better business is an information pack that has been developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to help food businesses comply with current food regulations. These regulations state that you must be able to show what you do to make food that is safe to eat and have this written down.

The folder has been developed for small catering businesses, such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways.

Using the pack in your business will help you to:

  • comply with the new regulations
  • show what you do to make food safely
  • train staff
  • protect your business's reputation

The Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) folder is available for various food businesses.

  • General Catering e.g. cafe, public house, takeaway, restaurant
  • Retailers e.g. delis, supermarket, village shop
  • Chinese Cuisine (English version)
  • Chinese Cuisine (Chinese version)
  • Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Cuisine
  • Care Home Supplement for General Catering folder
  • Refill Diary Pages

Information Pack

You can get a copy of the information pack from the Food Standards Agency - Safer food, better business (SFBB) | Food Standards Agency - Information Pack, or by contacting Environmental Health on 01785 619401,

If you are a new food business, subject to availability we may be able to give you a pack. 

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