Empty Homes Loan

The Council has developed an interest free loan to help owners of empty homes bring their property back into use.


  • The applicant must be aged over 18 and be the owner of the property or the owner’s representative.
  • The property must be empty for at least two years and owned by the current owner for at least 12 months. The property must also be located within Stafford Borough.
  • The loan is to help bring properties back into use, either by immediate sale or ready for renting out.
  • There must be sufficient equity in the property to be considered for a loan.
  • The loan is a maximum of £10,000 and is repayable once the property becomes re-occupied or sold. The loan must be repaid in full within two years.
  • Loans will be registered as a local land charge until repaid in full.
  • If the total cost of repair work is greater than the loan amount, the owner MUST provide evidence that they have the finances to complete the repairs and any unforeseen additional costs.
  • The loan will be paid directly to the contractors upon receipt of a satisfactory invoice.
  • The owner must source their own contractors.
  • Loans will not be paid retrospectively. 

Full terms and conditions will be provided prior to application.

If you are interested in applying for an Empty Homes Loan, please contact the Housing Standards Team for advice on 01785 619000 or email emptyhomes@staffordbc.gov.uk

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