Climate Adaptation

If all greenhouse gas emissions stopped tomorrow, the amount that has already been released into the atmosphere would continue to drive climate change for thirty years. This means that climate change is now unavoidable.

In the West Midlands, climate change will result in increased frequencies of extreme weather events, hotter drier summers, and warmer wetter winters. Preparing for these changes will reduce the negative impacts of climate change in the future. This is known as climate adaptation.

We have recently adopted a Climate Adaptation Strategy (pdf 4.5mb). This identifies how we plan to prepare for climate change, both across the Borough, and within the council.

For more information on our work on climate adaptation, or to discuss how we could work together to adapt to climate change, please email

The difference between Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Mitigation is the process of reducing the amount of greenhouse gas which is released into the atmosphere. We can do this by making changes, for example switching to renewable energy and reducing car usage.

Climate Change Adaptation is the process of preparing for the impacts of climate change. This includes planting trees to provide shade and ensuring infrastructure is built to withstand high winds.

Other benefits to climate change adaptation

Delivering climate change adaptation measures usually provides other benefits, besides increasing resilience. Often, it also protects and enhances biodiversity, provides health benefits to residents, and contributes to economic prosperity in the area. This is known as a co-benefit.

More information as to how climate adaptation can benefit an area can be found in our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

How you can contribute to climate change adaptation

If you're interested in contributing to Climate Change Adaptation across the Borough, why not consider joining our Climate Change Community Panel.

Our Community Panel is open to residents across the Borough. By joining, you will work with us to deliver a range of sustainability projects which will benefit Stafford Borough.

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