Swynnerton Neighbourhood Plan

Swynnerton Parish Council submitted proposals to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Swynnerton based on the parish boundary. A map showing the extent of the proposed Neighbourhood Area and a statement from Swynnerton Parish Council explaining why and how they intend to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the area were submitted.

Stafford Borough Council approved and designated the Neighbourhood Plan area on 3 July 2014 following a 6 week period public consultation. Please visit the link below to view the application.

The Parish Council have carried out a community consultation seeking the views of the local people about what the Neighbourhood Plan should seek address. The response attracted many volunteers to help prepare the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council will be looking to establish a working group soon.

To find out  more about the development of the Swynnerton Neighbourhood Plan please contact 01785 663198. 

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