Register for Council Tax

If you are a new customer and need to register for Council Tax, you will need to complete the Council Tax - Moving Into the Area form or contact the Council Tax helpline on 01785 619279.

You will need to provide the following information;

  • The full address and postcode of the property you are moving to
  • The completion date if purchasing the property, or tenancy start date if renting
  • The official move-in date if different from above
  • The date furniture was moved in (if earlier than your move-in date)
  • The full names of all adults living at the property
  • If you are moving from within the Borough, please provide the property address you are moving from.

Your bill with then be issued with 10 or 12 monthly instalments, as you prefer. Details of how to pay are shown on your Council Tax bill or you can visit our How to Pay section for more information.

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