Cabinet (6.30pm) - 8 September 2022

Meeting Name: Cabinet (6.30pm) - 8 September 2022
Committee: Cabinet
Start Date/Time: Thursday 8 September 2022 18:30:00PM
Location: Craddock Room, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford
Open to public: Yes
Recording Document: Cabinet-8-September-2022-Recording.MP3 8.1 MB
Agenda Document: Cabinet - 8 September 2022 (Agenda) 1.57 MB
Minutes Document: Cabinet - 8 September 2022 (Minutes) 95.44 KB

Councillors Participating in this Committee

The following councillors are currently members of this committee. Click the name of a councillor to view to more details about them.
Councillor Position
Councillor Aidan Godfrey
Councillor Ant Reid
Councillor Gillian Pardesi
Councillor Ian Fordham
Councillor Jill Hood
Councillor Ralph P Cooke
Councillor Rob Kenney
Councillor Tony Pearce

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