Climate Change and Green Recovery Community Panel - Meet the Members

Ant Reid (Co-chair)

Ant Reid, Eccleshall. Member of the local Flood Action Group, Health and Wellbeing Group, and Parish Councillor, father of two. He works full time in online business services. Geocacher, organiser, traveller and keen to promote practical and pragmatic ways for all communities to do what we need and benefit from the changes that we're told are inevitable. Let's just get on with it!

Roisin Chambers (Co-chair)

My name is Roisin Chambers, I am 69 and retired. My working life has been in education, not only in mainstream schools but in a range of special provision. I am a strong believer in the potential for people to come together and create positive change. I believe in the importance of honesty, hard work, compassion and social justice. When I retired from education I retrained as a gardener with a particular interest in wildlife gardening and enriching urban landscapes because I believe that we are all part of a complex web of life and that we benefit from contact with the natural world and have a responsibility to care for it for future generations. I volunteer for the Wildlife Trust and have been a volunteer librarian in my local library at Rising Brook. I am a keen walker and photographer.

Alan Alecock

I have lived in Stafford for 44 years. Husband to Maureen, father to three and grandpa to two. I would like my grandchildren to be proud of what Stafford Borough has done to help the climate recover.

Phoebe Baddeley

Hi I'm Phoebe (Phoeb)! I'm currently at sixth form. I own a small eco business called PHOEBS which donates a percentage of its profit to charitable organizations to prevent extinction! I love the outdoors, especially at summer! My favourite animal, well one of them, is a wild boar and I would love to help rewild them back into the UK! 

Sarah Burgess

I live in southeast Stafford with my husband and two children. I work part-time for CPRE Staffordshire, the countryside charity, and as a proof reader and exam invigilator. I have a BSc in Ecology from the University of East Anglia, and an MSc from Imperial College London. I previously worked as an editorial assistant and reporter for a specialist science policy newspaper, and as the coordinator of an academic research network into air pollution. In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading, gardening and swimming.

Netta Cartwright

Netta is a teacher, trainer, counsellor, researcher, author, school governor, community activist and grandmother. She helped establish the Stafford Women’s refuge in 1976, introduced peer support into many schools locally and nationally, led conferences and wrote SCC’s Education Equal Opportunities Policy. Her environmental work includes: co-leading ‘There Is No Planet B’ with annual Arts festivals and free SBC eco-school workshops; membership of Stafford’s Green Network and Sustainability Matters. Netta also co-leads Stafford Welcomes Refugees supporting local refugees and delivering school workshops on the climate emergency impact on displacement. 

Ann Elphick

Ann, 51, is a mother of one living in Brocton and cares deeply about our local green spaces. She spends much of her time helping out in local organisations, including volunteering in schools where she presents workshops, ranging from biodiversity loss to plastic pollution. Ann also a keen amateur nature photographer.

Rob Hine

Growing up on a farm, I roamed the fields and woods, always finding something to interest or delight. I want my children and all future generations to enjoy the many wonders of the natural world, which is why we all must strive to live in harmony with our precious planet. It will take determination, ingenuity, and a change of lifestyle but it can be done, I believe!

Tom Kelt

I am 73 and married and live in Stone and am currently a town councillor with special interest in the Environment. My other interests are walking, choral singing and ukulele playing. 

Roger Oldfield

Have lived in Stafford since 1973, around the time that the new 'green' movement swallowed me up forever.  Anglo-German family.  Former history teacher.

Diana Smith

I have lived in Staffordshire since the 80s, people may know me from Farmers markets, the CCG or various social groups. My main interest within the climate change panel will be on the future of food and farming, and improving energy efficiency. I will be looking for ways to help make the changes ahead as positive as they can be for the whole community. 


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