Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards In the Private Rented Sector (MEES)

Landlords who rent residential properties must ensure that they meet minimum energy efficiency standards or register a relevant exemption. If they do not, they risk a financial penalty.

Since April 2020, Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Regulations have applied to all privately rented tenancies, even those where there has been no tenancy change. Landlords must ensure that rented properties meet a minimum efficiency standard, which means that the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property must have a rating of “A - E” unless a valid exemption has been registered. If a private sector landlord rent a property with an EPC rating of F or G, a financial penalty notice of up to £5000 can be issued.

Anyone is able to view the EPC for their property using the Government website Find Energy Certificate ( is a legal requirement for landlords to have an EPC and to updated it every 10 years - Energy Performance Certificate.

Tenants who find that they are renting a property with a very poor EPC should raise this with their landlord and work with them to ensure that works are carried out. Tenants can also obtain independent energy efficiency advice from our partners Warmer Homes Stafford on 0800 677 1785 or They can also provide details of any grants that may be available to improve the property and therefore save money on your energy bills. Tenants can also speak with us directly by emailing

Landlords should take active steps to address properties with a low EPC rating by arranging remedial works to bring the property up to at least an EPC rating of E, and preferably better. The EPC contains details of measures that will improve the property. 

There is landlord guidance from the government on the requirements Domestic Private Rented Property: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard - Landlord Guidance (

There is an Exemptions Register that landlords can apply for where the EPC rating cannot be improved to the minimum standard due to defined reasons. For more information Guidance on PRS Exemptions and Exemptions Register evidence requirements (

Financial Penalties

Where we consider that a landlord has breached their obligations under this law we can issue a financial penalty. Our Statement of Principles when deciding on the value of any penalty under this law can be viewed online - Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in the private rented sector - penalty charges (pdf 235kb).

The Housing Standards Team are proactively investigating properties that we believe may be breaching these legal requirements. We would like to hear from landlords, tenants or agents of properties in our area with concerns about low EPC ratings. Our dedicated email address is

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