Hopton and Coton Parish By-Election - 20 June 2024

An election took place on Thursday 20 June 2024 to fill a vacancy on Hopton and Coton Parish Council.

Election Results

Candidate Name

Elected (E)

ALI, Zak 58
WATKINS, Jon 134 (E)
Turnout 12.3%
Total Rejected 1

Election Notices

Polling Station Finder

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Election Information

Returning Postal Vote Ballot Packs

  • Return using Royal Mail
  • Handing in at the Council Offices or Polling station will require a form to be completed by the person handing in the postal votes. Otherwise, the pack will be rejected
  • Do not post through the council external post box because this will result in the postal vote being rejected. A notice warning voters will be placed on the external post box.

Anyone handing in a postal vote ballot pack must complete a ‘Postal vote return form’ or the postal vote will be rejected.

An Individual can hand in:

  • Their own postal vote
  • As well as postal votes for up to 5 other people

Political Campaigners can hand in:

  • Their own postal vote
  • And up to 5 others who are either a close relative or someone for whom they provide regular care.

For further information please contact elections@staffordbc.gov.uk.

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