A Home Fit For Walking

If you are starting to think about walking to get fit, stay fit or feel better, starting by moving around at home more can help (please to speak to your GP if you have any health concerns).

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, there are ways to improve your home to make it a safer, healthier place to live.

  • Do you have enough space to walk without having to twist or sidestep?
  • Are there things you might trip over that could be moved?

Put things away in cupboards and drawers to give you a clear path to move around.

  • Are your floors slippery?
  • Are there worn-out carpets, shiny lino - or are there patterns which make edges and steps hard to see?

Try to wear well-soled shoes or slippers in the house.

  • Are stairs difficult?

Use the handrail and keep the steps clear of any items.

Fit For Walking (livingstreets.org.uk)

There are currently the following schemes available to help you improve, repair or maintain your home - Home Maintenance.

Staffordshire County Council’s online ‘Happy at Home’ tool allows you to visually identify rooms and spaces at home where you may need some help with day-to-day tasks. The tool offers a range of ideas and solutions that you can then easily compare and acquire. There are independent living gift ideas and a library of video demonstrations showing assistive technology products.

If you rent a home from Homes Plus you can access help and advice to live more independently and safely in your home.

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