Hackney Carriage Fares 2023

Fare Structure

  • Distance - for the first 410 yards, or part thereof - £3.10
    • For each subsequent 168.7 yards, or part thereof in excess of 410 yards, up to 1 mile - 20p
  • After a distance of 1 mile has been travelled, the charge per mile, or part thereof, will be - £1.55
  • After a distance of 4 miles has been travelled, the charge per mile, or part thereof, will be - £1.85
  • Waiting Time - throughout the journey for each period of 40 seconds or uncompleted part thereof - 20p

All Journeys - Extra Charges

  • When more than four persons are carried an extra 50% of metered fare will be charged 
  • Bank Holidays:
    • 50% to be charged on all Bank Holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, when a 100% extra charge will apply.
    • On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, 50% extra to be charged from 18:00 to 23:00 hours and 100% extra to start at 23:00 hours
    • On Boxing Day between midnight and 07:00 hours on 27 December, 100% extra will apply
  • At times other than the above, between midnight and 07:00 hours, an additional 50% of the standard fare will be charged. For charging purposes only, two children under 10 years of age regarded as one person. 
  • Private Hire - When the Hackney Carriage is used on a Private Hire journey (i.e. pre-booked), a booking fee of £1.00 may be charged. 
  • Soiling Charge - £60

Additional charges for extra passengers are to be calculated separately and added to the taxi meter reading. You are advised to ensure that the taxi meter is switched on at the commencement of your journey and used to determine the correct fare payable. 

N Clifton, The Proper Officer (Licensing)

Date 7 November 2022


Tel: 01785 619745

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