Car Parking - Waterfront Car Park - Band A - Terms and Conditions of Use

I have read and understand these terms and conditions and by purchasing a permit I am agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  1. Band A Season tickets are only valid on the designated permit holders area of the Waterfront car park on levels 7 to 14. Permit holders vehicles parked in any other area will be charged the daily rate due prior to exiting the car park.

  2. Permits are electronic, no paper permit will be issued or require displaying in the windscreen.

  3. Access and exit to and from the car park and designated areas will be managed by Automatic number plate readers ANPR which will raise the barriers to the permitted areas automatically on approach or by RFID proximity card reader (if issued) which will raise the barrier automatically when the card is presented to the ticket machine card reader located on the entrance and level 7.  

  4. In the event of the barrier failing to raise the permit holder should press the intercom button on the entrance post and speak to a member of the parking team. 

  5.  Two working days notice is required for processing applications. Permits can start on whichever date specified by the applicant.

  6. There are no reserved spaces and the permit does not guarantee a space; lack of free spaces will not be accepted as a reason to park in any unauthorised parking area. 

  7. The permit is valid only for the registration number specified.

  8. The permit is not valid on any other council car parks.

  9. Lost proximity card's will be replaced, at the discretion of the Council for a fee of £12.50. 

  10. Changes of details on season tickets e.g. change of registration number will incur an admin fee of £12.50. It is the season ticket holder’s responsibility to update or amend a vehicle registration.

  11. Where more than one vehicle registration is specified on the account, the permit will only be valid for one vehicle at any one time. Stafford Borough Council records the registrations of vehicles using a permit. If more than one registration is seen to be using the same permit at the same time, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued. 

  12. The Council reserves the right to alter the charges for season permits and the car parks or areas within car parks in which they can be used. Alterations to charges are advertised in the local press and on signs in the car parks. 

  13. Any permit holder not adhering to the regulations and conditions of use of the permit will be liable to a penalty charge.

  14. The conditions of the current Stafford Borough Council Waterfront Car Park (Off-Street Parking) Order 2020 must be adhered to (i.e. vehicles must be parked wholly within a bay) - these conditions are available for inspection at the Civic Centre.

  15. The expiry date of the permit will not be extended as a result of the temporary suspension of vehicle parking charges or closure of any Stafford Borough Council car park(s) for which the season ticket is valid.

  16. Requests for refunds must be made in writing to Stafford Borough Council. The Council will consider issuing refunds for the remaining complete months on 12 month season tickets ONLY, subject to there being at least 2 complete months remaining. Your season ticket will be cancelled once we have the RFID card (if issued) and a £12.50 administration fee will be charged.

  17. Stafford Borough Council reserves the right to change the season ticket terms and conditions without prior notice. All tickets remain the property of Stafford Borough Council and may not be sold or given to any other person.

  18. The Council may, in its absolute discretion, revoke a permit if conditions of use are not complied with.

  19. The information that you have provided will be used by Stafford Borough Council, who are the data controller, to allow us to administer your parking permit. We will only share your information, when necessary, with our internal customer services departments for processing parking permits and facilitating payments and refunds and where the law requires or allows us to do so.   For further information, please see


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