Borough Election Results 2015

Election Results by Party

Party Name Seats Won
Conservative 29
Labour 9
Independent 2

Elected Borough Councillors by Ward

Overall turnout figure for the Borough - 71.28%


Barlaston was an uncontested election and Evan Gareth Rowland Jones stands elected.

Candidates marked with (E) have been elected.


Name of Candidate Description Result
BOARDMAN Tim The Green Party 329
CARR Alison Labour Party 1014
EDGELLER Ann Patricia Conservative Party Candidate 2156 (E)
FARRINGTON Patrick Milton McLean Conservative Party Candidate 1550 (E)
HURST Malcolm William UK Independence Party (UKIP) 468
JONES Ann Support Stafford Group 795
MILLICHAP Mellony Ann Labour Party 772
STONES Ellis James Robert UK Independence Party (UKIP) 364
  Turnout 80%


Name of Candidate Description Result
BATES Craig Patrick Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 22
GODFREY Aidan Thomas Arthur Labour Party 665 (E)
LEIGHTON Sarah Louise The Conservative Party Candidate 397
MURRAY Andy The Green Party 128
REEVES Simon Trevor Support Stafford Group 177
SMITH Phillip James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 235
  Turnout 60.24%


Name of Candidate Description Result
KAMINSKI Ellen Brenda Conservative Party Candidate 798
KEMP Jack Labour Party 1302 (E)
LEWIS Emily Louise Conservative Party Candidate 761
NIXON Louise Labour Party 1084 (E)
PORTER Jay McKenzie Support Stafford Group 692
  Turnout 60.47

Doxey and Castletown

Name of Candidate Description Result
DAVIES Isabella Edna The Conservative Party Candidate 548 (E)
GRAINGER Chris Labour Party 414
JACKSON Dan Support Stafford Group 147
NANCEKIEVILL Stuart Graham UK Independence Party (UKIP) 234
PEARCE Tony Green Party Candidate 253
  Turnout 64.79%


Name of Candidate Description Result
JONES Peter Wallace Conservative Party Candidate 2322 (E)
PACE Tony UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1352
PERT Jeremy Michael Conservative Party Candidate 2022 (E)
WHITFIELD Ed UK Independence Party (UKIP) 732
  Turnout 74.4%


Name of Candidate Description Result
BARON Chris Independent 544 (E)
CAPRON Jane Victoria Labour Party 512
READING Jim Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 53
ROUXEL Douglas Peter The Green Party 343
  Turnout 66.95%


Name of Candidate Description Result
BRUNT Gareth Independent 1147
DODSON Michael George Conservative Party Candidate 1765 (E)
HOLMES Tony Independent 1244
ROYCROFT Peter Conservative Party Candidate 1615 (E)
  Turnout 69.14%

Gnosall and Woodseaves

Name of Candidate Description Result
HEMMING Peter Mark UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1193
HOBBS Bob Labour Party 989
SMITH Mike Conservative Party Candidate 2249 (E)
WILLIAMSON Ken Conservative Party Candidate 2367 (E)
  Turnout 75.99%

Haywood and Hixon

Name of Candidate Description Result
BOYLE John William Labour Party 625
GILBERT Paul   256
HILL Robert David   332
KENNY Sophie Nicole The Green Party 355
LEAROYD Stewart Conservative Party Candidate 1214 (E)
McKEOWN Brendan   676
MOSLEY John Ewart UK Independence Party (UKIP) 804
PARDESI Gillian Parminder Kaur Labour Party 380
PEARCE Rolfe Gordon Independent 388
PERKINS Alan John Conservative Party Candidate 1427 (E)
PORTER Julian Richard Support Stafford Group 451
  Turnout 75.72%

Highfields and Western Downs

Name of Candidate Description Result
BARRON David Arthur Support Stafford Group 573
BOWEN Maureen Labour Party 1447 (E)
DOWN Jono The Green Party 332
JENNINGS Bruce Conservative Party Candidate 1024
O'CONNOR Stephen Labour Party 1026 (E)
STAFFORD-JONES Sharon Anne Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 131
TROWBRIDGE Blair Conservative Party Candidate 890
  Turnout 62.76%


Name of Candidate Description Result
BHAKHRI Ravi Rai Labour Party 1250
CROSS Bryan Michael Conservative Party Candidate 1711 (E)
EGNER Ian David The Green Party 331
HICKEY Donna Maria Support Stafford Group 983
JAMES Frank Douglas Joseph Independent 666
MILLICHAP Malcolm Thomas Labour Party 891
PRICE Jonathan Keith Conservative Party Candidate 1278 (E)
  Turnout 70.83%


Name of Candidate Description Result
DRAPER Rowan James Labour Party 1124 (E)
GILES Paul Independent 486
HOLLINSHEAD Ian Independent 374
JENNINGS Mary Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 925 (E)
SHONE Mike The Green Party 353
SIMMONDS Gary David Conservative Party Candidate 781
SMART Dan Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 52
SMITH Ray UK Independence Party (UKIP) 430
WILLIAMS Paul Graham UK Independence Party (UKIP) 424
WINKLE Mike Labour Party 813
  Turnout 69.13%


Name of Candidate Description Result
COLLIER Cathy Conservative Party Candidate 1179
DUFFY Richard Nicholas Support Stafford Group 931
LOUGHRAN Angela Mary Labour and Co-operative Party 1729 (E)
REDFERN Maria Ann Conservative Party Candidate 1163
ROWLANDS Geoff Labour and Co-operative Party 1421 (E)
  Turnout 67.14%


Name of Candidate Description Result
FINLAY Frank The Conservative Party Candidate 946 (E)
HOLBROOK Dee Labour Party 304
PORTER Cheryl Tracy Michelle Support Stafford Group 721
  Turnout 80.33%


Name of Candidate Description Result
BEATTY Frances Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 2244 (E)
DAWSON Kay Elizabeth The Green Party 935
HARP Andrew Scott Conservative Party Candidate 1915 (E)
  Turnout 75.57%


Name of Candidate Description Result
COOKE Ralph Philip Labour Party 667 (E)
FOSTER Edith Margaret Ann The Conservative Party Candidate 418
GOUNDRY John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 234
MARSHALL Garry Stephen Support Stafford Group 175
  Turnout 60.38%


Name of Candidate Description Result
HARDING Kate The Green Party 183
HOBBS Anne Denise Labour Party 669
TROWBRIDGE Carolyn Velma The Conservative Party Candidate 974 (E)
  Turnout 74.61%

Seighford and Church Eaton

Name of Candidate Description Result
BARKER Sian Elizabeth Support Stafford Group 581
HOLLINSHEAD Toby James Independent 326
LEIGHTON Stephen Philip Conservative Party Candidate 1825 (E)
NICKLIN Alex William Labour Party 455
SMITH Edward William Labour Party 379
STAMP Barry James Independent 1060
SUTHERLAND Ray Conservative Party Candidate 1668 (E)
  Turnout 78.27%

St Michaels and Stonefield

Name of Candidate Description Result
BAKKER-COLLIER Lynne Conservative Party Candidate 2010 (E)
COLLIER Geoff Conservative Party Candidate 1951 (E)
FARNHAM Joyce Winifred Conservative Party Candidate 2213 (E)
FORDHAM Ian David Independent 885
GREGORY Cathy Labour Party 1198
HATTON Mark David Liberal Democrats 541
ILLSLEY Andrew Ettore UK Independence Party (UKIP) 923
KENNEY Rob Independent 1047
LEASON Philip Anthony Independent 1138
OSBORNE-TOWN Mike Labour Party 1153
YOUNG Peter Nicholas Labour Party 1048
  Turnout 70.95%

Swynnerton and Oulton

Name of Candidate Description Result
BARNES Lol Support Stafford Group 1283
JAMES Roy Arthur Conservative Party Candidate 2068 (E)
PRICE David Brian Conservative Party Candidate 1927 (E)
  Turnout 73.14%


Name of Candidate Description Result
GOODALL Margaret Rose Conservative Party Candidate 1174 (E)
GREEN Mark Leslie Independent 1134
HOOD Jill Independent 1590 (E)
NULLIS Dave Labour Party 547
SIDLEY Richard Kirkup Labour Party 551
WILLIAMSON Mike Conservative Party Candidate 1053
  Turnout 70.51%

Weeping Cross and Wildwood

Name of Candidate Description Result
BARBER Jack Labour Party 1109
BARRON Jenny Conservative Party Candidate 1653 (E)
BARRON Ray Conservative Party Candidate 1596 (E)
FRANCIS Sue Independent 428
MARTLEW Helen Michelle Support Stafford Group 744
NIXON Stuart Anthony Labour Party 764
WOODALL Ian William James The Green Party 338
  Turnout 76.09%



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