Stafford Borough Parks

Stafford Borough has a variety of parks, ranging from the formal Town Parks of Victoria Park and Stonefield Park, to the Country Park style of Wildwood, the Meadows and Cresswell Manor Farm.   

With over 316 hectares of open space land managed by the Council there is likely to be an open space near you. Our sites have been categorised into three types;

Destination Parks

Destination sites are our largest sites and contain a wide range of facilities which may include toilets, play areas, bowling greens, football pitches and wheeled sports parks. The destination sites are;

District Parks

Our district parks are; 

  • Castlefields
  • Cambridge Street
  • Charnley Road
  • Stonefield Park
  • Sundown Drive
  • The Meadows
  • Tilling Drive

Local Sites 

These sites are predominately play areas within houses developments. For more information on these sites visit our play area section.


The Parks and Open Space Service is committed to assisting community and voluntary sector groups to take a greater interest in the parks and open space throughout Stafford Borough.  As such we would be interested to hear off anyone who would like to set up a Friends Group.

If you would like to know more about what a Friends group is or how to set up this document (pdf 418kb) by Play England provides information on the role of a ‘friends of’ group and this document (pdf 830kb) provides more detail on how to set a group up.

If you require further information or would like to discuss setting up a group please contact the Parks and Open Space Development Officer on 01785 619514.

Tel: 01785 619 514
Fax: 01785 619 419
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