Leadership Team

Team Purpose

To drive the delivery of excellent community services to achieve Local and National priorities

Leadership Team Charter

We will  

  • Spend our time on issues and Member priorities that are important to the Organisation
  • Only accept high standards
  • Communicate more than we instinctively think is necessary
  • Spend significant time building the capacity of the Organisation including coaching and mentoring our staff and each other
  • Accept collectively responsibility
  • Challenge openly and constructively
  • Be passionate about getting good outcomes for Stafford Borough

Contact Information

Stafford Borough Council Organisational Roadmap (pdf 252kb)

The Leadership Team comprises of the Chief Executive and Heads of Service some of which are shared with Cannock Chase District Council. 

Chief Executive
Tim Clegg
Tel: (01785) 619200
Fax: (01785) 619119
email: chiefexecutive@staffordbc.gov.uk

Environmental and Health
Howard Thomas
Head of Environment
Tel: (01785) 619358
Fax: (01785) 619319
email: hthomas@staffordbc.gov.uk
Bob Kean
Head of Finance
Tel: (01785) 619241 / (01543) 464334
Mob: 07974231296
Fax: (01785) 619219
email: bkean@cannockchasedc.gov.uk
Human Resources
Neville Raby
Head of Human Resources
Tel: (01785) 619205
Fax: (01785) 619450
email: nraby@staffordbc.gov.uk
Audit, Risk and Resilience and Procurement
Judith Aupers
Head of Governance
Tel: (01543) 464411
email: JudithAupers@cannockchase.gov.uk

Judith is based at Cannock but spends Wednesdays at Stafford and can be contacted on 01785 619252.

Law and Administration
Alistair Welch
Head of Law and Administration
Tel: (01785) 619204
Fax: (01785) 619119
email: awelch@staffordbc.gov.uk
Leisure and Culture
Adam Hill
Head of Leisure and Culture
Tel: (01785) 619299
Mob: 07800 619299
Fax: (01785) 619419
email: amhill@staffordbc.gov.uk
Policy and Improvement
Norman Jones
Head of Policy and Improvement
Tel: (01785) 619199
Fax: (01785) 619119
email: npjones@staffordbc.gov.uk
Economic Development and Planning 
Richard Lawrence
Head of Economic Development and Planning
Tel: (01785) 619583
Fax: (01785) 619753
email: rlawrence@staffordbc.gov.uk
Peter Kendrick
Head of Technology
Tel: (01785) 619274
Fax: (01785) 619219
email: pkendrick@staffordbc.gov.uk