Text-Only Version

All web pages can switch to 'TEXT-ONLY' mode to stop images being displayed. The 'TEXT ONLY' link can be found at the top of every web page.

Accessibility Options

There are currently three different accessibility options you can chose from.

Changing Text Size on Normal Web Pages

  • Internet Explorer: Click on View > Text Size > Select preferred text size (largest, larger, medium, smaller, smallest)
  • Firefox: View > Text Size > Select 'Increase', 'Decrease' or 'Normal'
  • Safari: View > Make Text Bigger

For further ways in which you can change text size on our website please see our Website Help Page.

If you have any other issues or require any further help with accessing and viewing our website, or have any suggestions on how we may improve the accessibility of our website, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Tel: 01785 619000


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