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AA (Attendance allowance)
Abandoned cars
Abandoned vehicles
Abandoned vehicles - reporting and procedures
Access to Work
Accident reporting at work
Accidents and incidents
Accidents at work
Accommodation (housing)
Accommodation certificates
Accommodation certificates (fitness for human habitation)
Accounts Committee 2005-2006
Actual bodily harm
Adapting homes
Administration (business)
Administration (computer systems)
Adult community safety partnership plan
Adventure playgrounds
Advice and Benefits
Advice services (business)
Aerials (satellite dishes)
Affirmative action (equal opportunities)
Agenda and Minutes
Agenda and Minutes 2002-2003
Agenda and Minutes 2004-2005
Agenda and Minutes 2005-2006
Agenda and Minutes 2006-2007
Agendas and Reports
Air quality monitoring
Air Scouts
Alarms (intruders)
Alcohol licences
Alcohol-related crime
Allergy Alerts
Alleyne's Sports Centre - Swimming Lessons
Alleyne's Sports Centre - Swimming Pool Information
Alleyne's Sports Centre (Stone)
Alterations (buildings)
Alternative energy (renewable)
Amenity recycling centres
Amusement arcade licences
Amusements licences
Ancient High House Arts & Craft Exhibitions
Ancient High House School Tours
Animal boarding establishments licences
Animal boarding licences
Animal movement licences
Animal welfare
Animals - dogs - warden services
Animals - pests - control
Ant control
Antennas (satellite dishes)
Ants (control)
Arts - information
Arts and entertainment
Arts and entertainment venues
Arts venues
Arts, recreation and travel
Assets of Community Value
Astonfields Balancing Lakes
Atomic energy
Attendance allowance
Audit and Accounts Committee 2006-2007
Automatic categorisation
Automatic indexing
A-Z of Services

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Bar licences
Barlaston and Rough Close Common
Baswich to Tixall Doorstep Walk
Bathing water pollution
Be Safe
Beach water pollution
Beaconside to Derrington Cycle Route
Beaver Scouts
Become a Walk Leader
Bed bugs and mites
Bed mites
Beetles (control)
Benefit Appeals
Benefit fraud
Benefits - fraud investigation
Benefits - hospitalisation
Benefits for older people
Benefits for parents and children
Benefits fraud
Benefits Service Standard
Bereavement allowance
Bereavement benefits
Bereavement payment
Bereavement Services - Bereavement Support
Bereavement Services - Buying a grave
Bereavement Services - Carers Support
Bereavement Services - Directions to Stafford Borough Cemeteries and Crematorium
Bereavement Services - Exhuming a deceased body
Bereavement Services - Funeral Expenses
Bereavement Services - Funeral service without a funeral director
Bereavement Services - History of Eccleshall Road Cemetery
Bereavement Services - Information about Embalming
Bereavement Services - Memorials at Stafford Crematorium
Bereavement Services - online forms
Bereavement Services - Online Memorial Book
Bereavement Services - Querying burial/grave details
Bereavement Services - Stafford Crematorium and Cemeteries
Bereavement Services - What to do when Someone Dies
Bertie bins (recycling)
Bertie box collection
Bertie boxes
Best practice
Best value
Best value performance indicators
Betting office licences
Bidding (procurement contracts)
Bike insurance
Bin collection
Bingo hall licences
Bingo licences
Biodiversity Strategy
Bird pests
Bluebottles (control)
Bodytonic Beauty Salon & Sports Therapy Clinic
Bonfire and Smoke
Book banks
Book lice and psocids
Borough council candidate
Borough councils
Borough Election Results 2015
Borough Maps
Bottle banks
Boy Scouts
Boys Brigade
Boys' Brigade
Boy's Brigade
Brownie Guides
BSI standards
Budgeting loans (social fund)
Building alterations
Building and landscape design services
Building Control
Building control - applications
Building extension
Building planning
Building preservation (listed buildings)
Built environment
Burglar alarms
Burton Manor to Ashflats Doorstep Walk
Bus companies
Bus corridors
Bus lanes and corridors
Bus operators
Bus pass - older people
Bus service registration
Bus service registration changes
Bus shelters
Bus stations
Bus stops and shelters
Bus stops and shelters - positioning
Bus terminals
Business - advice
Business administration
Business Advice
Business advice services
Business and industry
Business Continuity
Business crime
Business efficiency
Business legislation (regulations)
Business Licences and street trading
Business management
Business people
Business premises
Business property (land and buildings)
Business rates - account enquiries
Business rates - Frequently Asked Questions
Business rates - reductions
Business rates - reductions relief
Business rates (NNDR)
Business Rates Appeals
Business Rates Booklet
Business sites
Business studies
Business travel
Business trips
Business units (premises)
Business women
Busker's licences
Busking licences
Busking permits
BVPIs (Best Value Performance Indicators)

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Cabinet 2002-2003
Cabinet 2003-2004
Cabinet 2004-2005
Cabinet 2005-2006
Cabinet 2006-2007
Cabinet Briefing 2
Camp site licences
Campaigns (marketing)
Camping site licences
Can banks
Canals and waterways
Capital investment
Car insurance
Car Parking - Band A - Terms and Conditions of Use
Car Parking - Band A Annual Season Tickets
Car Parking - Band B - Season Tickets FAQ's
Car Parking - Band B - Terms and Conditions of Use
Car Parking - Band B Season Tickets
Car Parking - Band C - Season Tickets Frequently Asked Questions
Car Parking - Band C - Terms and Conditions of Use
Car Parking - Band C Season Tickets
Car Parking - Season Tickets - Frequently Asked Questions
Car Parking in Stafford
Car Parking in Stone
Car Parking - Band A Monthly Season Tickets
Caravan and camp site licences
Caravan site licences
Caravan site licenses
Caravan sites (gypsies)
Carers premium
Carpet beetles (control)
Categorisation (automatic)
Cattery licences
Cattle movement licences
CCTV - releasing for evidence
CCTV in Stafford Borough
CCTV Procedure for the Release of Evidence
Change of Circumstances
Change of use (buildings)
Change of use (land or buildings)
Changes in Circumstance
Characteristics of a Sustainable Community
CHB (Child benefit)
Chebsey Parish Election 2015
Chemical pollution
Chemical spillage
Child benefit
Child Sexual Exploitation
Child tax credit
Children and young people - organised activities
Children's benefits
Church youth groups
Cinema licences
City environment
Civic amenity centres
Civic Amenity Site Visits
Civic amenity sites
Civic and amenity recycling centres
Civil Contingencies - Civil Protection
Civil emergencies
Civil emergencies - emergency plan
Civil emergencies - flooding
Civil emergencies - gas pipelines
Civil emergencies - major accident hazards
Civil emergencies - social and psychological support
Civil Emergency or Major Incident
Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE)
Civil Penalty for Housing Act Offences
Civil protection
Civil resilience planning
Classification by subject
Clean air monitoring
Cleaning (hygiene)
Climate Change
Coach companies
Coach of the Year
Coach operating companies
Coach stations
Coach terminals
Coach timetables
Code of Corporate Governance
Cold weather payments
Combustion processes licences
Combustion processes licensing
Commercial activities and companies
Commercial Pest Control Services
Commercial properties
Commercial property
Commercial real estate
Commercials (radio and TV)
Committee Agenda and Minutes 2003-2004
Committee Agenda Minutes
Committee Council Agenda Minutes
Committee Agendas
Communications (internal)
Community and Living
Community and Social Enterprise Organisations
Community Awards
Community Awards 2017 - Winners
Community care grants (social fund)
Community charge (local tax)
Community development - regeneration projects
Community Economic Development
Community policing
Community Safety
Community safety policies
Community safety strategies
Community safety strategy
Community Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Complaints - Council Members
Complaints - Procedure
Compulsory purchase
Compulsory purchase orders
Computing services
Concessionary fares
Concessionary passes (travel)
Concessionary permits (travel)
Conference, hall and meeting room hire
Confidence tricksters
Confidentiality (data security)
Confidentiality (personal data)
Configuration management
Conflict (industrial relations)
Conflicts (international trade)
Conservation (energy)
Conservation (nature)
Conservation (water)
Conservation advice
Constant attendance allowance
Consultancy services
Consultation - overview
Consultation (public)
Consumer safety
Contact Us
Contaminated land
Contracted out services
Control (management)
Control of rats and mice
Controlled vocabularies
Conversions (buildings)
Coppers (police)
Copying services
Corporate Business and Partnerships
Corporate governance
Corporate management
Corporate performance
Corporate Plan
Cosmetic treatment licences
Council - consultation - service delivery
Council - parish/town council and councillors
Council 2003-2004
Council 2004-2005
Council 2005-2006
Council 2006-2007
Council and Democracy
Council budgets and spending
Council departments
Council expenditure over £500
Council Finance
Council Housing
Council Meetings 2002-2003
Council Members
Council news
Council tax
Council tax - account enquiries
Council tax - appeals
Council tax - band reductions
Council tax - benefit - appeals
Council tax - benefit - current claim
Council tax - benefit - new claim
Council tax - change of circumstances
Council tax - DPR
Council tax - exemptions
Council tax - individual account enquiries
Council tax - individual account enquiries incl. new accounts
Council Tax - What to do when someone dies
Council Tax Appeals
Council Tax Arrears
Council tax benefit - new claim
Council Tax Charges
Councillors - general information
Councillors - General Information
Councillors Services and Advice
Councillors, democracy and elections
Councils (local government)
County Council Election - 4 May 2017
County Council Election 2005
County Election
CPO (Compulsory Purchase Orders)
Crisis loans (social fund)
Cub Scouts
Cubs (Scouting Association)
Current Tender Opportunities and Contract Information
Customer services
Cycling - information and advice

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DAAT (drug and alcohol action teams)
Dangerous and wild animal licences
Dangerous animal licences
Dangerous animals licences
Data analysis
Data collection
Data conversion
Data protection
Data Protection Act
Data retrieval
Data security
Data sharing protocols
Death - exhumations
Death - funerals - burials
Death - funerals - records
Decision notices (planning)
Democracy and elections
Demonstrations and Parades
Demonstrations and parades - granting of permission
Demonstrations or marches
Development (planning applications)
Development control
Development Control 2005-2006
Development Control Committee 2002-2003
Development Control Committee 2003-2004
Development Control Committee 2004-2005
Development Control Committee 2006-2007
Development planning (community regeneration)
Development planning (towns)
Directions to Civic Centre
Disability allowance
Disability benefits
Disability income guarantee
Disability living allowance
Disabled Bays
Disabled parking
Disabled people - employment and training schemes
Disabled people - parking bays
Disabled persons tax credit
Disablement benefit
Discount travel
Discounts and Exemptions
Discretionary Housing Payment
Discretionary housing payments (DHP)
Diseases (occupational)
Disinfection (hygiene)
Disposal of waste
Disputes (employment relations)
Disputes (international trade)
District planning
Diversity (equal opportunities)
DLA (Disability living allowance)
Dog breeding licences
Dog licences (breeding)
Dog warden schemes
Dog Warden Service
Domestic and Sexual Violence
Domestic Pest Control Services
Domestic rubbish collection
Domestic waste collection
Doorstep Walks for Health
Double glazing
Doxey Marshes and Tillington Doorstep Walk
Doxey to Stafford Castle Doorstep Walk
DPTC (Disabled persons tax credit)
Draught exclusion
Drinking water pollution
Drinks licences
Drug action teams
Drug and alcohol action teams
Drug dealing
Drug offences
Drug trafficking
Drug-related crime
Drugs - advice and support
Drugs advisory service
Drugs, alcohol action team
Dublin Core standard
Dumped cars
Dumped rubbish
Dumped vehicles
Dumps (rubbish)
Dust lice
Dustbin collection

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EA (environmental assessment)
Ear piercing licences
Eat Well
Eco Action Day
Eco Schools - Feedback from School Grants 2015
Eco Schools - Feedback from School Grants 2016
Eco-Blog of Elliot the Eco-Bat
Economic development
Economic regeneration
Eco-Schools in England
Eco-Schools Network Agenda and Minutes
Education and Learning
Election Results
Elections - electoral register
Elections - postal votes
Elections - proxy votes
Elections - results - publication
Elections - results publication
Elections - Voting
Electoral reform
Electoral register
Electoral registers
Electoral registration
Electoral roll
Electoral Services
Electoral system
Electors (registration)
Electrolysis licences
Electronic patient data protection
Emergencies (public)
Emergency contacts (council)
Emergency council phone numbers
Emergency planning
Employee relations
Employers' responsibilities
Employing people
Employment Advice
Employment and Training Initiatives
Employment counselling (finding a job)
Employment Opportunities
Employment relations
Employment, jobs and careers
Empty Home Assistance
Empty Homes
Empty Homes Loan
Empty Property
Encoding schemes
Energy and fuel
Energy conservation
Energy Efficient Homes
Enquiry tracking
Enrolment (elections)
Entertainment venues
Environment and Community Safety Committee 2003-2004
Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007
Environment and Planning
Environment Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Environmental and Health Services
Environmental monitoring
Environmental planning (protection of biodiversity)
Environmental planning policies (sustainability)
Environmental sustainability
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Equal opportunities and diversity
Equal opportunities information
Equal opps
Equalities and Diversity
Equality and diversity
ESAs (Environmentally Sensitive Areas)
Estates management
Ethical business practices
European Referendum 2016
European Scouts
Evaluation (pre-purchase)
Event Organisers Guidance Notes
Examination of the Plan for Stafford Borough Part 2
Exchange trading
Executive directors
Explorer Scouts
Extensions to buildings

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Habitat conservation
Hacking (computers)
Hackney carriage drivers licences
Hackney carriage licences
Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence
Hackney carriage vehicle licences
Hall and Venue Bookings
Harassment and Illegal Eviction
Hardware installation
Hardware maintenance
Hazards (occupational)
Health - vaccinations - information and advice
Health and Safety
Health and Safety - FAQs
Health and safety - fireworks advice
Health and Safety - Occupational Health Services
Health and safety - syringe disposal
Health and safety at work
Health and safety at work - advice and training
Health and Safety at Work - Advice and Training
Health and safety at work - investigation
Health and safety at work - regulation and inspection
Health and Safety at work - regulation and inspection
Health and Social Care
Health and Wellbeing
Health benefits
Health hazards (occupational)
Health inequalities
Health insurance (private)
Health Scrutiny Committee 2003-2004
Health Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Health Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Health Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007
Heatwave Alert - Public Awareness
Help desk support (ICT)
Help desks (information technology)
Helpdesks (IT)
Helplines (ICT support)
Herbicide use
Heritage Events 2018
Heritage Sites
High Hedges
High House to Stafford Castle Doorstep Walk
High Offley Neighbourhood Plan Area
Highfields and Western Downs By-Election - 4 may 2017
History of Stafford
Hornets (control)
Hose pipe bans
Hosepipe bans
House flies (control)
House to house collection licences
Houseflies (control)
Household waste - disposal sites
Household waste - rubbish collections
Household waste - special collections for large items
Household waste collection
Household waste sites
Household Waste-special collections for large items
Housing - benefit - appeals
Housing - benefit - current claim
Housing - landlords accreditation scheme
Housing advice
Housing Benefit
Housing benefit - appeals
Housing benefit - change of circumstances
Housing Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Housing Scrutiny Committee 2003-2004
Housing Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Housing Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Housing Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007
How can I reduce my Business Rates Bill
How is my Business Rates Bill Calculated
How to pay your Business Rates
How To Pay Your Council Tax and Business Rates
How We Buy Goods and Services
Human resources (employees)
Hydroelectric power

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L/C sample forms and Information
Land and property - building control
Land and property - estates management
Land and property - local land charges - personal search
Land and property - property enquiries
Land and property - valuations
Land Charges
Land Charges - Frequently Asked Questions
Land Charges - History and Background
Land contamination
Land pollution
Land registration
Land registry
Land use planning
Landlords Accreditation Scheme
Larder beetles (control)
Law - CCTV - procedures for the release of evidence
Law and Administration
Leaks (information)
Legionnaires Disease and Risk Assessment
Leisure and Culture
Leisure Centre (Alleynes Sports Centre - Stone)
Leisure Centre (Stafford)
Leisure Centre (Stafford) - Swimming Lessons
Leisure Centre (Stafford) - Swimming Timetable
Leisure Centre (Westbridge Park Fitness Centre)
Leisure licences (camping and caravan sites)
Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2003-2004
Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2007-2007
LETS (local exchange trading schemes)
Library facilities (incl. location
Lice (psocids)
Licence - alcohol and entertainment
Licence - amusement with prizes
Licence - amusements with prizes
Licence - animal movement
Licence - boarding animals
Licence - caravan site
Licence - caravan sites
Licence - cinema
Licence - Club Premises
Licence - dangerous animals
Licence - Dog Breeding
Licence - entertainment
Licence - Entertainment
Licence - exotic
Licence - food business
Licence - gaming machines
Licence - hackney carriage - taxi
Licence - hairdresser
Licence - homes in multiple occupancy
Licence - House in Multiple Occupancy
Licence - House to House Collection
Licence - house to house collections
Licence - lottery
Licence - massage and special treatments
Licence - Pet Shop
Licence - private clubs
Licence - private hire drivers'
Licence - private hire operators'
Licence - private hire operator's licence
Licence - private hire vehicle - minicab
Licence - private hire vehicle (minicab)
Licence - Riding Establishment
Licence - Scrap Metal
Licence - Sex Establishment
Licence - sex shops
Licence - stage hypnotism
Licence - street collection
Licence - street collections
Licence - tattooists
Licence - Temporary Event Notice
Licence - zoo
Licences - alcohol and entertainment - premises
Licences - amusements with prizes
Licences - animal movement - sheep and goats
Licences - boarding animals
Licences - caravan site
Licences - cinemas
Licences - dangerous animals
Licences - dog breeding
Licences - gaming machines
Licences - hackney carriages (taxis)
Licences - hairdresser
Licences - homes in multiple occupancy
Licences - house to house collection
Licences - lotteries
Licences - massage and special treatment
Licences - pet shops
Licences - private club
Licences - private hire drivers' licences
Licences - riding establishments
Licences - sex establishments
Licences - stage hypnotism
Licences - street collection
Licences - zoos
Licences (animal boarding)
Licences (business)
Licences (garden hose use)
Licences and street trading
Licensed premises (sale of alcohol)
Licensed premises transfer licences (sale of alcohol)
Licensing - Be Aware
Licensing (sale or consumption of alcohol)
Licensing Act
Licensing Alcohol and Entertainment
Licensing and Licensing Sub Committees 2005-2006
Licensing and Licensing Sub Committees 2006-2007
Licensing Committee 2004-2005
Licensing hours
Licensing laws
Licensing of businesses
Licensing reform
Life insurance
Links to Parish web sites
Liquor licence transfers
Liquor licences
Liquor licensing
Listed buildings
Listed buildings register
Litter - #Keepitclean
Littleworth to Baswich Bridge Waterside Doorstep Walk
Local authorities
Local councils
Local economy - development
Local economy - reports and forecasts
Local elections
Local exchange trading
Local government
Local government structure
Local government transparency code
Local history in museums
Local Housing Allowance (LHA)
Local land charges - personal search
Local markets
Local MPs and MEPs - General Information
Local MPs and MEPs - information and advice
Local Nature Reserves
Local plans (land use)
Loft conversions
Lotteries licences
Lottery licences
Lottery licensing
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

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Male Sports Performer of the Year
Management (business)
Management communications
Management control
Management information
Marches (campaigning)
Marine conservation
Marine ecology
Marine environment
Marine pollution
Market research
Marketing campaigns
Markets - General Information (location
Massage and special treatment licences
Maternity allowance
Maternity benefits
Maternity grants (social fund)
Maternity grants from the social fund
Mayor - invitations
Mayor of Stafford Borough
Mayoral elections
Mayoral Invitations
Measurement of performance
Medium sized enterprises
Members' Digest 2000 - 2001
Members' Digest 2001 - 2002
Members' Digest 2002 - 2003
Members' Digest 2003 - 2004
Members' Digest 2004 - 2005
Members' Digest 2005/2006
Members' Digest 2006/2007
Members' Digest 2007/2008
Members' Digest 2008 - 2009
Members' Digest 2010 - 2011
Members' Digest 2015 - 2016
Members' Digest 2016 - 2017
Members' Digest 2017 - 2018
Members' Digest Index
Members of parliament - MPs and MEPs - general information
Members Page
Metadata standards
Metering (water)
Metrics for performance
Metro stations
Metropolitan councils
Mice (control)
Mini recycling centres
Minicab licences
Minimising Neighbour Noise
Minimovers (pre-school)
Missed Bin
Missed bins
Missed collections (dustbins)
Missed collections (green boxes)
Mobile home licences
Mobile home licenses
Mobile home park licences
Mobile home site licences
Mobile Homes and Caravan Sites
Mobile phones
Mobile telephones
Mobiles (phones)
Momentum - The Gym
Momentum Membership
Motor insurance
Movement of animals licences
Multi-journey tickets
Municipal waste disposal
Museums and galleries - general information
Museums and galleries - information and advice
Museums and galleries - loans donations and bequests
Museums and galleries - loans, donations and bequests

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Paid work or work experience and school aged pupils
Parents benefits
Parish and town councils
Parish Election Results 2015
Parish Town Council candidate
Parish/Town Councils and Councillors
Parking - Changes to Parking Regulations in Stafford and Stone November 2016
Parking in Stafford and Stone
Parks and gardens
Parks and Open Spaces
Parks and open spaces - general information
Parks and open spaces - outdoor
Parks and open spaces - outdoor facilities
Parkside to Stafford Common and Astonfields Doorstep Walk
Parliamentary Boundary Review 2018 - give your views
Parliamentary Election 2005 - Results
Passenger groups (rail services)
Patent law
Payroll administration
Payroll management
Performance (public sector bodies)
Performance indicators
Performance management
Performance measurement
Performance targets
Permitted Development Rights
Personal Independence Payments / Disability Living Allowance
Personal records
Personal Search Process and Guidance
Personal security
Personal treatment licences
Personnel (employees)
Personnel security (Armed Forces)
Pest control
Pest control services
Pesticide use
Pests and pest control
Pet shop licences
Petroleum oil spillage
Photocopying services
Physical activities for toddlers
Plan for Stafford Borough: Part 2
Planning - building and landscape design services
Planning - conservation advice
Planning - consultation
Planning - decision notices - statutory register
Planning - high hedges
Planning - listed buildings - statutory register
Planning - local plans
Planning - Residential
Planning - street names and numbering - statutory register
Planning - tree preservation orders
Planning (emergency service coordination)
Planning (land use)
Planning (town and country)
Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 2003-2004
Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007
Planning Application Forms
Planning applications
Planning consent
Planning consultations
Planning control
Planning decision notices
Planning Delegation Scheme
Planning Enforcement - Complaints
Planning permission
Planning regulations
Planning service and performance
Planning submissions
Planning Weekly List
Plants, animals and wildlife
Play areas
Play Facilities
Police and Crime Commission for Staffordshire - 5 May 2016
Police management and organisation
Policies and related documents
Policing practice
Poll tax
Polling Places 2011
Polling Places 2014
Polluted land
Pollution control - asbestos
Pollution Control - Clean Air Act Approval
Pollution control - construction
Pollution control - construction information and advice
Pollution control - contaminated land
Pollution control - inspection and regulation
Pollution Control - Light Nuisance
Pollution Control - noise
Pollution control - nuisances
Pollution Control - Part B permit
Pollution control - Statutory Nuisance
Pollution Control - water
Positive discrimination (equal opportunities)
Possession of drugs (illegal)
Postal voting
Postcode allocation
Pre-Application Assistance
Pre-school exercise schemes
Printing and copying services
Privacy and data protection
Privacy Statement
Private health insurance
Private hire drivers licences
Private hire vehicle licences
Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Driver's Licence
Private Sector Landlord Newsletters
Private Sector Landlords List
Prize permits (lotteries)
Product evaluation
Product testing (procurement)
Products and systems audit
Professional people
Professional staff
Promotion (advertisements)
Property (housing)
Property alterations (buildings)
Property alterations (extension)
Property Enquiries
Property planning (land or buildings)
Property register
Property theft
Property valuations
Proportional representation
Protest marches
Proxy votes
Proxy voting
Pub licences (alcohol)
Public Appeals Committee 2002-2003
Public Appeals Committee 2003-2004
Public Appeals Committee 2004-2005
Public Appeals Committee 2005-2006
Public Appeals Committee 2006-2007
Public consultation
Public consultation exercises
Public demonstrations
Public health - cooling tower notification
Public Health - cooling tower notification
Public Health - drainage
Public safety
Public Space Protection Order - Stafford Borough
Public transport
Publication Scheme
Publication schemes
Purchase orders

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R U Treated Badly?
Radio advertising
Rail companies
Rail fares
Rail passes
Rail travel passes
Railway companies
Railway stations
Railway timetables
Railway user groups
Rainbows (Guides)
Ranger Guides
Rangers (Guides)
Rat catcher services
Rat control
Rateable Value
Rats (control)
Real estate (residential)
Recorded timetables (rail services)
Records management
Recruitment - Equal Opportunities Information
Recycling - collection sites
Recycling - Composters
Recycling - sites
Recycling and Waste Collections 2018
Recycling centres
Recycling collection schemes
Recycling facilities
Recycling sites
Recycling waste collection
Recycling, rubbish and waste
Reduced earnings allowance
Refrigerator recycling
Refuse - flytipping
Refuse - household waste - collection
Refuse - household waste - disposal sites
Refuse - household waste - special collections for large items
Refuse - litter - removal
Refuse disposal
Refuse tips
Regeneration Projects
Regional planning
Regional planning guidance
Register of available commercial property
Register of electors
Register of Members' Interests
Registering to vote
Registration - acupuncturist
Registration - food businesses
Registration - motor salvage operator
Registration - scrap metal - site registration
Registration - scrap metal site
Registration - tattooists, piercing and electrolysis
Regulatory Committees 2002-2003
Regulatory Committees 2003-2004
Regulatory Committees 2004-2005
Regulatory Committees 2005-2006
Regulatory Committees 2006-2007
Regulatory impact assessment
Renewable energy
Report It
Reprographics services
Request tracking
Research (market research)
Resources Scrutiny Committee 2002-2003
Resources Scrutiny Committee 2003-2004
Resources Scrutiny Committee 2004-2005
Resources Scrutiny Committee 2005-2006
Resources Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007
Retirement allowance
Retrieval of information
RIAs (regulatory impact assessments)
Rickerscote to Hyde Lea Doorstep Walk
RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences)
Riding establishments licences
Riding school licences
Rising Brook to Stafford Castle Doorstep Walk
Risk analysis
Risk assessment
Risk Management
River pollution
Rodent control
Rogue traders
Rubbish disposal
Rubbish dumps
Rubbish tips

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SACs (Special Areas for Conservation)
Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk of Abuse or Neglect
Safety - fireworks - advice
Safety - health and safety - occupational health services
Safety - health and safety - regulation and inspection
Safety - health and safety at work - investigation
Safety - syringes - disposal
Safety at work
Sales to children
Sandon and Burston Parish Election
Satellite dishes
Satellite TV dishes
School - work experience placements
School placement (work experience)
Schools - work experience placements
Scout Association
Scout Network
Scrap metal dealers licences
Scrap metal licences
Scrutiny Committees 2002-2003
Scrutiny Committees 2003-2004
Scrutiny Committees 2004-2005
Scrutiny Committees 2005-2006
Scrutiny Committees 2006-2007
Sea life
Sea Scouts
Secondary glazing
Section 106 Legal Obligations
Self defence
Self Service
Senior citizen discounts (travel)
Service Level Agreements
Severe disablement allowance
Sex cinema licences
Sex establishments licences
Sex offences
Sex shop licences
Sheep dipping
Sheltered employment
Shelters (bus stops)
Sickness and disability benefits
Sites and projects policies (planning)
Sites of Nature Conservation in Stafford Borough
SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
Small and medium enterprises
Small business advice services
Small businesses
Small firms
SMEs (Small/medium enterprises)
Smoke Free
Social exclusion
Social Fund
Social fund payments
Social inclusion
Social inequalities
Social services - drugs - advice and support
Socioeconomic regeneration
Software installation
Solar energy
Solar panels
Solar power
SPAs (Special Protection Areas)
Special Areas for Conservation
Special Contribution to Sport
Special Protection Areas
Spillage (chemicals)
Spillage (oil)
Sponsors - sponsorship opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities
Sport Centre (Alleynes Sport Centre - Stone)
Sports - development
Sports - fishing - information
Sports - fishing information
Sports Awards
Sports Centre (Westbridge Park Fitness Centre)
Sports Development
Sports development funds
Sports grants
Sports grants and development funds
Sports Person of the Year
Squirrels (control)
St George's Park
St John's School to Beacon Hill and Hopton Pools Doorstep Walk
Staff (personnel)
Staff communications
Staff health and safety
Stafford and Stone Shopping and Business Guides
Stafford and Surrounds' Health and Wellbeing Summit 10 November 2014
Stafford Borough Development Services Area Advisory Committee 2002-2003
Stafford Borough Health and Housing Forum
Stafford Borough Sports Clubs
Stafford Castle and Visitor Centre
Stafford Castle School Tours
Stafford College
Stafford Crematorium Rules and Regulations
Stafford Farmers Market
Stafford Half Marathon
Stafford Leisure Centre
Stafford Leisure Centre - Swimming Lessons
Stafford Leisure Centre - Swimming Timetable
Stafford Market
Stafford Play Areas - Batholdi Way
Stafford Play Areas - Carisbrooke Drive
Stafford Play Areas - Jupiter Way
Stafford Visitor Information Centre
Standards and specifications
Standards Committee 2002-2003
Standards Committee 2003-2004
Standards Committee 2004-2005
Standards Committee 2006-2007
Standards for Councillors in Local Government
Stone Farmers Market
Stone Meadows
Stonefield and Christchurch Town Ward Election - 15 September 2016
Street care and cleaning
Street collection licences
Street hawkers licences
Street markets
Street Naming and Numbering
Street naming and numbering register
Street robbery
Street traders licences
Street trading - illegal
Street trading consents
Street trading licences
Streetscene - Bus Shelters
Streetscene - Pest Control Information and Advice
Streetscene - Public Conveniences
Structure of local government
Subject categorisation
Subject indexing
Supporting Schools Programme
Surveys (data collection)
Sustainability (environmental)
Sustainable Schools in Stafford Borough
Swimming - Alleyne's Sports Centre (Stone)
Swimming Lessons - Stafford Leisure Centre
Swimming Lessons (Alleyne's Sports Centre - Stone)
Swimming Timetable - Stafford Leisure Centre
Swimming water pollution
Syrian Vulnerable Persons
System administration

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Table licences (alcohol)
Target setting
Targets (performance)
Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme
Tattooing licences
Tax credits
Taxi Forums
Taxi operator's licences
Taxi vouchers
Telephone Payments
Television advertising
Television aerial dishes
Television dish antennas
Tenders and contracts
Tented site licences
Textile and Clothing Collection
The Ancient High House
The Constitution
The Council
The Plan for Stafford Borough
The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015
Theft and burglary
Thermal insulation
Third party insurance (vehicles)
TICs (tourist information centres)
Tidal energy
Tidal power
Time-limited travelcards
Times of trains
Tipping rubbish illegally
Tips (waste)
Title registry
Total quality management
Tourism and travel
Tourist information centres
Tourist information services
Town centres - closed circuit television - CCTV
Town centres - closed circuit television (CCTV)
Town centres - crime prevention
Town environment
Town planning
Town Twinning
Toxic waste spillage
TPO (tree preservation order)
TQM (total quality management)
Tracking (information)
Trade disputes
Trade Union Facility Time
Trade wars
Trading standards - fair trading
Trading standards - illegal street trading
Trafficking of drugs
Train companies
Train fares
Train stations
Train times
Train timetables
Training Courses
Train-only fares
Tram stops
Transfer of liquor licence
Transparency code
Transport - bus stops and shelters - positioning
Transport and infrastructure
Transport and Streets
Transport Links
Transport tickets
Travel (business purposes)
Travel (transport)
Travel advice (tourism)
Travel concessions
Travel information services (tourism)
Travel passes
Travel smart cards
Travel smartcards
Travel tokens
Traveller sites
Travelling people - provision of sites
Tree conservation
Tree preservation
Tree Preservation Orders
Tree protection
Trees and Hedges - Council Owned Trees
Trees in Conservation Areas
Tumble tots
Twin towns and villages
Twin villages
Twinning Events Calendar 2017
Twinning organisations

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