Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire 15 November 2012

Staffordshire Police Area had 2 candidates and used the 'first past the post' system and not the supplementary voting system which would have been used if there had been more than 2 candidates.

Name of Candidate Description of Candidate  Number of Votes 
ELLIS, Matthew  The Conservative Party Candidate 51,237 ELECTED
GARNER, Joy Labour Party Candidate  47,589

Number of Rejected ballot papers was as follows:-

 (a)   want of official mark   0
 (b)  voting for more than one candidate   462
 (c)  writing or mark by which voter could be identified   44
 (d)  unmarked   1117
 (e)  void for uncertainty   1220

Total Rejected = 2843      Turnout = 11.63%

Stafford Local Result

Tel: 01785 619424
Fax: 01785 619119
Email: elections@staffordbc.gov.uk
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