Information on Planning Committee

Planning applications are either decided by a senior officer using the delegated decision scheme, or by the Planning Committee.  The Planning Committee is made up of elected members.

Applications decided by the Planning Committee (which used to be called Development Control Committee) include applications made by or on behalf of a Councillor or employee of the Borough Council, applications referred by the Head of Economic Development and Planning and applications ‘called-in’ to committee.

An application can be called in by one or more councillors for the ward in which the application is located, or three members of the Planning Committee.  They can do this within 21 days of the application appearing on a weekly list of applications received.  This list is published on a Friday and contains details of applications registered in the previous week.

Agendas for the meetings should be available to download five clear working days before the meeting takes place and the minutes should then be available as soon as possible after the meeting.  When the application is decided, a decision notice is issued.

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