Highfields and Western Downs Ward By-Election - 4 May 2017

A By-election will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017 to fill the 2 vacant seats.  The hours of poll will be 7am until 10pm.

  • Notice of Election (pdf 9kb)

  • Nomination Papers - Please contact the Elections Office for copies/advice.

  • Register to vote

  • How to vote (voting by proxy, post or in person)
    If you wish to apply for a Postal Vote it is important that you contact the Elections Office on 01785 619424 as soon as possible. The date the Postal Votes are dispatched varies from election to election and if you are applying for a Postal Vote because you are going away, we strongly advise you to contact the office to clarify dates.

  • Ward Map (pdf 260kb)

  • Property/Elector Statistics by Borough Ward (pdf 8kb)

Electoral Commission Videos

Myth or Fact?

The Electoral Commission has created a series of four videos that tackle some of the common misconceptions about registering to vote.  You can view these four videos via YouTube.

Tel: 01785 619424
Email: elections@staffordbc.gov.uk
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