Thinking of Taking an Allotment Plot?

Stafford Borough Council owns 20 allotment sites throughout Stafford Borough.  The overall management of all the sites is undertaken by the Allotment Trustees elected annually by the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Committee with co-operation from Stafford Borough Council officials. Whilst each of the 20 sites operates individually under the management of its’ own site secretary and committee, all plot holders must accept the allotment site rules and health and safety policy as agreed and adopted by the Stafford Borough Council Horticultural Committee.

Before you apply for a plot there are various factors to consider: 

  • Do you have the time to spend on a plot - will friends or family help? 
  • Is the site near where you live? If there is a distance to travel, you may not feel inclined to spend the odd bit of time to do that extra bit of weeding or digging that is needed to keep your plot in good condition? On the other hand, if you have to make a journey to your plot you may be more inclined to allocate yourself a set programme to work to.
  • Are you prepared/able to spend the energy on digging and clearing weeds to prepare your plot?
  • Have you got the commitment? It may take up to nine months to grow vegetables. Will you be around to nurture your crops or to do the weeding while your crops grow? If weeds are left they will destroy your vegetables and spread onto other plots as well? If you are often away from home during the main growing season - March - October, this may not be for you.

Please make sure that you understand what the plots are like:  

  • How big the plots are and therefore how much work is required. 
  • How easy they are to manage (good/bad soil, type of weeds etc.). 
  • What restrictions there on the site that you are interested in (sheds/greenhouses allowed etc). 

The results can be very satisfying when you harvest your own fresh crops - the taste is out of this world, but in the reverse there can be disappointments due to seeds not germinating, plant diseases, insect infestation, birds helping themselves, not enough rain, too much rain, unexpected frosts, etc.

If allotment gardening is for you, you won’t have been put off by any of the points we have mentioned above. When you take a plot you can look forward to plenty of exercise working in the fresh air at your own pace. Allotment gardening offers a feeling of great well-being, both physical and mental. You will be joining a small community of like-minded individuals of all ages who will welcome you and always be prepared to offer help and advice and share ideas on how to get the best from your plot. Whilst the main growing season is from March to October you can apply for a plot at any time of year. There’s always a job to be done on an allotment plot.

What’s the Cost?

For the 2023 season plots will be charged at £10 per garden rood (concessions apply for those of state pension age or registered disabled  - £6 per garden rood).  Plot sizes will vary from 1 garden rood upwards. In addition, sites fix their own association fee to help with maintenance of the site, generally between £3 and £15 per year and there is an annual water charge calculated on total water used on the site. Annual rent is payable by 25 March in each year. When budgeting do not forget to factor in tools, seeds, plants, fertilizers, etc.

Still interested?

Please complete and return the application form to the email address:
Or post to: SBC Horticultural Committee Secretary, 22 Newquay Avenue, Stafford, ST17 OEB.
When your application is received you will be invited to arrange a site visit to see the plot and learn all about how the site operates before you make any commitment. In this way we hope that you will make the right decision and enjoy your allotment gardening for many years to come.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We will make every endeavour to allocate you a plot on your preferred site. However, there are not always plots available on all sites. In such an event each site operates its own waiting list.  

For further information you can email or telephone 07505 539003 and speak to Chris Hammond. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our sites. 

The General Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR)

Information you supply to us will be dealt with in line with data protection legislation. We will use your information to enable us to fulfil our duties in relation to your enquiry and any ongoing membership as a Stafford Borough Council allotment plot holder. Your information will be used only by the site you opt to join and the SBC Allotment Management Committee (The Trustees). No information will be passed on to any third party without your permission.

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