Use of Public Rooms for Referendum Meetings

Referendum - 23 June 2016

The Elections Office has to maintain a list of public rooms that could be booked for referendum meetings.  The following is a list of schools and community rooms / centres:-

  • Stone Station Community Centre - contact Stone Town Council on Tel 01785 619740
  • Frank Jordan Centre, Stone - contact as above
  • Staffordshire County Council Schools and Colleges - The 'select area' box gives choices of District to narrow down the search

To book any rooms / school halls please liaise directly with the contact details above.

Under the Representation of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums 2000 designated organisations at a referendum are entitled to use, for the purpose of holding public meetings in furtherance of their campaign, suitable rooms free of charge within the electoral area eg Stafford Borough, at reasonable times during the relevant period and the day before the poll. 

Suitable meeting rooms include premises that are maintained wholly or mainly out of public funds.  This includes all schools that are community, foundation, voluntary or academies.  A meeting room is defined as any room which it is the practice to let for the public.  For schools this would normally mean the hall.

Where a room is used for a meeting the hirer can be charged expenses incurred for the heating, lighting and attendance for the meeting including restoring the room to its usual condition after the meeting and shall pay for any damage.  Reasonable notice must be given and for school premises the hiring should not be during school hours or affect the operation of the school.  Schools can charge a nominal fee as on polling day eg to compensate for the heating, lighting, caretaker to open/close up and for the setting up / restoring the room.

Tel: 01785 619424
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