Streetscene - Grounds Maintenance

Each year Streetscene maintain approximately 7,800 Hectares of grass (equivalent to 10,800 Wembley football pitches).

If you are a school, business or parish council with responsibility for sports/playing fields, lawns and hedges we would be happy to discuss your requirements with regard to the below:-

Sports Field Maintenance

We have a wide range of techniques to offer for the maintenance of your sports field. These include:-

  • Aeration of Turf and Grassed Area via Slitting Methods
  • Drag Brushing for bowling greens
  • Gang mowers for large open areas
  • Line Marking
  • Laying of Turf
  • Weed Control

Grass Cutting

We maintain all Stafford Borough land, roundabouts and verges. In addition we offer the maintenance of privately owned land, parishes and schools. We operate the latest machinery for grass cutting, including Cylinder, Rotary and Flail Cutters.

For those hard-to-reach banks and sloped areas we have a ‘Robo-mower’; a remotely operated flail cutter that ensures the safety of work on high inclines and also the trim and tidy cut consistent across all grassed areas.

Other areas include:-

Fine Turf

Our team are fine turf specialists. By using our extensive knowledge base and the best equipment, we maintain finely turfed areas such as formal lawns, bowling greens and sports fields. Height specific cutting will ensure areas are pleasing to the eye.

Hedge Cutting

Streetscene provide hedge cutting services tailored to specific needs, operating both hand-held and mechanical based equipment. For short, medium, or tall hedgerows, we have the equipment available to meet the desired cut.

All our staff are aware of the nesting season and take the greatest care with birds and wildlife habitats when carrying out hedge work. We offer site visits and consultation when hedges cannot be cut.

Weed Control

As part of our grounds maintenance services, we offer weed control and weed prevention using safe and approved herbicides which all our staff are PA1 and PA6 certified to apply. A weed free environment looks pleasant and tidy and prevents uneven or dislodged walkways to become unsafe.