Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2014

Stafford Borough Council is reviewing all of its current polling districts and polling places (the places and buildings where polling stations are located).

A list of polling districts and places (pdf 323kb) based on the new boundaries is available for inspection at the Elections Office, Stafford Borough Council.

We are looking for feedback on any aspect of polling districts and/or polling places currently used and invite representation and comments from interested electors within the borough, as well as any person or body with the expertise in relation to access for persons with any type of disability.

Any person making representations relating to the unsuitability of a polling station, should, if possible provide an alternative venue.

The consultation period for the review has now ended.

All submissions, relevant correspondence and Acting Returning Officer comments are made available below:-

Submission 1 (pdf 136kb)
Submission 2 (pdf 86kb)
Submission 3 (pdf 35kb)
Submission 4 (pdf 72kb)
Submission 5 (pdf 59kb)
Submission 6 (pdf 61kb) 


Elections Office
Stafford Borough Council
Civic Centre
Stafford   ST16 3AQ

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