Pest Control - Ants

Will you treat for black ants in and around my home?

We will treat for ants when indoors, but not outside - and there is a charge. However, It is worth trying to seal up all the cracks and crevices used by ants to minimize risk of future problems.

How would you treat for red ants in my lawn?

We do not treat ants outside. We recommend treating each nest directly with 'Ant Stop'. This ready to use liquid insecticide is particularly good in dirty places like in soil. Ant Stop is sold in DIY shops, garden centres and some supermarkets.

Flying Ants

Although the so-called ‘Flying Ant Day’ happens in your area on one day, it is not necessarily that same day everywhere. Each year, normally in July or August, swarms of flying ants (males and young queens) suddenly appear. They are simply normal ants, probably black garden ants with wings, that emerge during the mating season and then mate in flight. The larger flying ants are the queens and after they have mated (mid-air), they lose their wings and look for a suitable place to begin a new colony.

We do not treat for ants outside. However, lots of flying ants in your home could be an indication of a nest inside.

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