Personal Search Process and Guidance

Please note we are no longer able to take cash payments at the Civic Centre.

What is a personal search?

A 'personal search' is a search of 'public registers' held by Local Authorities and Utility Companies.  The Highway Authority, Environment Agency, and water companies hold information that may affect your property.

Register of Local Land Charge (appointment to be made with the Local Land Charge section)
Register of Planning applications and
Register of Environmental Protection Nuisance and Clean Air can be viewed at the main reception at the Civic Centre.

Who can make a search of Public registers?

Anyone can view a Public register.

How do I make a Personal Appointment?

The Council Offices are open between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday.

During these hours the Land Charges staff are available by phone to arrange appointments for Personal Searches, please allow 24 hours between arranging the actual appointment.  Appointments are available in the mornings (Monday-Friday), from 9am - 11.30am.

A plan of the location(s) should be faxed to 01785 619530 or e-mailed to as soon as an appointment has been arranged.

We can accommodate on average four search groups per day with four searches per group, subject to staffing levels at any given time.

Facilities in the reception area are in place for search groups and individuals to search our Planning Public Access site for planning information.

Other Information

The Local Plan is available at the reception desk to view information on Land Designations and Proposals. Public Sewer maps can also be viewed if applicable.

Information regarding The Contaminated Land Register, Hazardous Substance Consents and Noise Abatement Zones can be obtained by contacting our Environmental Health section.

Information on Road Adoption, Public Rights of Way are available at Staffordshire County Council.  Contact these services directly to make an appointment.

All enquiries regarding Public or Adopted Sewers should be directed to
Severn Trent Water.

A guide to registers/Information for completion of the CON29 questionnaire is available in our reception area.

Contact details:

Land Charge Section
Civic Centre, Riverside
ST16 3AQ
Tel: 01785 619534

Stafford Borough Council
Environmental and Health Services Department
Civic Centre, Riverside
ST16 3AQ
Tel: 01785 619402

Staffordshire County Council
Development Services Department
Land Charges Section
ST16 3TJ
Tel: 01785 226000
Fax: 01785 276699

Severn Trent Water Limited
Severn Trent Searches
PO Box 10155
DX: 723860 Nottingham 43
Tel: 0115 971 3550

Environment Agency
Sentinel House
Wellington Crescent
Fradley park
WS13 8RR
Tel: 08708506506

Tel: 01785 619534
Fax: 01785 618990
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