Taxi! - Guide is timely reminder

Date: 19 Dec, 2017

5410_Taxi - Guide a Timely Reminder

A new easy to use booklet that aims to keep people using taxis and private hire vehicles in Stafford safe has been released.

The pocket-size guide to taxi safety has been produced by the borough council and is being distributed around local pubs and clubs in time for the major Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The booklet tells shoppers and revellers how to identify legitimate taxis and private hire vehicles. It also gives information about the role of taxi marshalls and street pastors as well as having a simple map of the ranks in Stafford town centre.

Councillor Frank Finlay said the new guide would be a timely reminder to people to keep them safe during the party season and beyond.

“One of our key priorities is the health and wellbeing of people who live, work or visit this borough and keeping people safe when they are taking a cab home is important. Unlicensed taxis are not only illegal but they could be dangerous so this guide will remind people what to look out for when they are using a taxi or private hire vehicle to get around.”

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