Businesses sign the clean borough pledge

Date: 26 Sep, 2017

5386_businesses sign the clean borough pledge

Retailers and businesses signed a pledge to help keep Stafford Borough clean.

It was part of an anti-litter campaign launch on Tuesday (26 September) with organisations, members of the public and local businesses turning out to show their support to rid the area of litter.

Keeping the streets clean costs local council tax payers around £1 million a year.

The Borough Council has taken a zero tolerance approach to the environmental crime and this year alone more than 150 people have been handed on the spot fines for discarding litter such as cigarette butts and chewing gum.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, Councillor Frank Finlay, said that a clean borough makes the area attractive for people to live, visit and for new businesses to invest in which helps boost the local economy.

The launch took place in the Market Square, Stafford with stalls and displays covering everything from fly tipping and dog fouling to promoting community awards and what volunteers are already doing to keep the area clean.

But taking centre stage was a two metre high ‘Business charter’ with owners and managers of local outlets invited to sign up to show their support to doing their bit for the environment.

Stafford Town Centre Partnership chair, Chris Lewis (pictured), was one of the first to sign the anti-litter pledge and said cleanliness was one of the initial things visitors noticed when they come to the area.

“I hope all businesses will do their bit to make sure our town is kept clean. If we want to encourage more people in to the area, and for more retailers and services to open up in Stafford Borough, it is essential to make a good first impression.”

Councillor Finlay continued: “It was great to see local businesses and organisations showing their support for our anti-litter campaign.

“It is important we work together with our communities to ensure our borough remains attractive to all. All we are asking is for people to have pride in their area and do their bit to help.

“We have demonstrated that we will take action against those who treat the area as a giant dustbin but we would much rather work with people to avoid litter than having to fine those for dropping it.”

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