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The following information applies to all licensed mobile homes sites except those where the occupier rents their mobile home from the site owner, or where the mobile home is not legally allowed to be occupied all year round such as a holiday park.

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 made some changes to the way that site rules are made on Mobile Homes Sites and how they are made available for people to see. 

Most Mobile Homes Sites have site rules that are prepared by the site owner for the benefit of both owners and residents. Good site rules benefit everyone by protecting the community cohesion of the site and ensuring that acceptable standards are maintained. However, historically there have been some mobile home parks in the country where the rules were used to prevent residents from exercising their rights and the legal changes that have been made means all sites will need new site rules.

In February 2015 all existing site rules will cease to have effect. Site owners
will need to follow a legal process of consulting their residents about the new site rules that they wish to introduce. If residents do not agree with the proposed rules, they can appeal the decision to a tribunal who will determine whether the proposal is allowed. There are some laws that govern what can and cannot be included in site rules.

Once the rules have been agreed, they must be deposited with the local authority and we will publish them on our website. Please note that Stafford Borough Council does not have any enforcement powers to object to site rules and you should seek legal advice if you disagree with rules in place for your site.

Here are the site rules that have been deposited with Stafford Borough Council.

Date Deposited Name and Address of Site  Site Rules 
1 April 2015 Castle Grange Park, Doxey Fields, Stafford ST16 1HQ  Castle Grange Park, Stafford (pdf 64kb)
23 March 2015 Lodgefield Park, Baswich Lane, Stafford ST17 0YE Lodgefield Park (pdf 53kb) 
15 January 2015 The Saltings, Baswich Lane, Stafford ST18 0YQ The Saltings (pdf 53kb)
24 December 2014 Yew Tree Park, The Rowe, Stableford, Staffordshire ST5 4EN Yew Tree Park (pdf 502 kb)
18 November 2014 Boothstone Park Homes, Yarnfield ST15 0NJ  Boothstone Park Homes (pdf 35kb)
18 November 2014 Ivy Cottage Mobile Home Park, Within Lane, Hopton ST18 0AP  Ivy Cottage Mobile Home Park (pdf 46kb) 
26 June 2014 Brooms Park, Stafford Road, Stone ST15 0BQ Brooms Park (pdf 22kb) 
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