Green Awards 2016 Winners

20 Years Green Awards

Happy '20th' Birthday to the 2016 Green Awards!

A full list of the 2016 results (pdf 64mb)plus some photographs from the evening can also be downloaded.  Photos by Paul Milgate-Scarrott also available to download via Facebook.

Business Category

Winner:  (Sponsored by SBC)

Stone Computers

2016 - Stone Computers - Green AwardsThroughout the past 12 months Stone Computers have continued to focus on becoming more sustainable, using resources more efficiently and using the influence of the business for the good of the Stafford community.

The company has set a number of environmental targets including:

  • Improvements in fleet to reduce emissions
  • Reductions in electricity, gas, paper and packaging
  • Diversion of canteen waste to anaerobic digestion 
  • Improvements to energy efficiency of products
  • Increased recycling of electrical equipment - in fact the equivalent of 700,000 PC’s have been recycled or re-used - making a significant contribution towards the growth of the circular economy.
  • A strong business - and ethical case - case for this winning project

Public Sector Category


(Sponsored by SBC)

Staffordshire County Council ‘Redhill Business Park Green Infrastructure’

2016 - Staffordshire County Council - Green AwardsRedhill Business Park on the northern edge of Stafford was developed by Staffordshire County Council in partnership with Birse Civils/Balfour Beatty. The site included three areas of woodland, semi-improved grazed fields and a number of ponds.

Ecological assessment and design at an early stage aimed to ensure habitat and species requirements were accommodated.  Priorities included maintenance of existing habitats and ecological connectivity, including great crested newt ponds, plus habitat enhancement. 

A new network of native trees and shrubs was planted and a large copse was retained, new ponds were created to accommodate great crested newts and other amphibians. 

With Staffordshire Wildlife Trust involvement, green hay from Mottey Meadows National Nature Reserve (NNR) near Wheaton Aston, was used to establish a species-rich sward to complement retained grassland. Footpaths have been created through the woodlands, seats carved from trees felled on site and 21 bat boxes installed on woodland edges.

On completion, the 33 acre development site has retained or enhanced 40% of the site as green infrastructure. This project illustrates that where new development takes place, ecological quality and environmental benefits can accrue alongside economic benefits.

Youth and Education


(Sponsored by CPRE Staffordshire. Award presented by Mr Amyas Stafford Northcote)

Stafford Manor High School

2016 - Stafford Manor High School - Green AwardsOver the past year, the old kitchen garden at Stafford Manor High School has been transformed from a patch of rampant weeds to a vibrant productive garden, bursting with the children’s first crop of vegetables. All through the winter months, Y7 students worked tirelessly, clearing the ground, constructing raised beds, and laying new paths. The children’s enthusiasm for hard work never faltered. We managed to get the site cleared and the raised beds built by Easter and students were harvesting potatoes, lettuce, beans and radishes before the summer term ended.

The children loved the outside work, even in poor weather, and they learned how to work as a team. Their confidence has grown and their pride in the garden is obvious for all to see.  For some of the children the learning experience has been transformational.

Everyone has enjoyed our achievement - students, parents, staff, governors, neighbours. Brilliant!’

Special Awards

Best Newcomer:

(Sponsored by SBC: Prize presented by The Mayor of Stafford)

Surplus Kitchen ‘Feed Bellies Not Bins!’

Surplus Kitchen opened its doors in January 2016 - using ‘leftovers’ from supermarkets the project has diverted nearly 2 ½ tonnes of food from landfill and served well over 1,000 tasty and nutritious meals in the process.  Well done.

Sustainable Tourism Shield:

(Sponsored by Visit Stafford: Award presented by Kay Arblaster)

Stafford Borough Council Tourism and Heritage Service for their projects: ‘Stafford Motte and Bailey Repair and Museum Sustainability Accreditation’

As well as the successful conservation project at Stafford Castle the Tourism and Heritage Team work hard to ensure good environmental practice throughout their activities, ensuring their services benefit both the public and have concern for the environment.

Sustainable Energy Champion:

(Sponsored by Stafford and Rural Homes: Award presented by Neil Whittenbury)

Stafford Bowling Club ‘Clubhouse Project’

The Bowling Club’s new solar PV system, in conjunction with improved insulation and new double glazing window units means the building will be more cost effective to run. Surplus electricity generated goes back to the National Grid, helping the UK reduce its carbon footprint too. What a remarkable project! We are pleased to recognise this remarkable project by awarding the Stafford Bowling Club the Sustainable Energy Champion Award.

Wildlife Prize:

(Sponsored by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust: Award presented by Shaun Rimmer)  

Perkins Engines Ltd
Perkins have demonstrated a commitment over decades to working with schools and the community on eco-initiatives, plus a strong environmental management record. However it is their work around ‘wildlife in the community’ which has been recognised by the judging panel. Inspiring and encouraging the people of Stafford to get involved with conservation activities, as well as managing and enhancing their lovely wetland habitats for wildlife, Perkins are de served winners of The Wildlife Prize.

Innovative Transport Award

(Sponsored by Stafford Chamber of Commerce: Award presented by Declan Riddell)

This goes to Stafford Sustrans Volunteer Rangers for their work and dedication in relation to the ‘Stafford to Newport Greenway’.

Acting as the eyes and the ears on the ground along this path the volunteer rangers work hard to maintain, promote and protect this amazing cycleway, benefiting both the community and all its user groups, and the rich wildlife which the Greenway supports.

Green Purse Prize

We are pleased to award this Special Prize to the Stafford and Rural Homes ‘Growing Health Allotment Project’.

The transformation of 3 areas of wasteland into community allotments has brought about numerous benefits relating to health and wellbeing, the environment and the creation of more sustainable communities. Producing food almost for free, along with all these associated benefits, means the judges were keen to nominate this project as the winner of the Green Purse Prize. By producing fresh veg and fruit on the plots, the growers have managed to reduce their weekly food bills,  which in turn has helped take some pressure off household incomes.

As we mentioned before, good ingredients for people and the planet.

Let's Recycle Prize

(Sponsored by Environmental and Health Services, SBC: Award presented by Mark Street)

Lymestone Brewery Ltd

The Lymestone Brewery have really been determined when it comes to tackling waste. Across their business - the brewery and two pubs - the team are determined to minimise waste and maximise recycling and upcycling. All glass is collected for recycling - or reuse - some bottles are sent to a local family who upcycle bottles into lamps and tea light holders.
Cardboard, newspapers, plastic wrappers - and more recently cooking oil - are collected for recycling.  Our white plastic jerry cans are re-used by local businesses eg window cleaners or taken to the Community Scrap Shack in Fenton. With the help of the Freecycle website we find homes for our malt sacks with householders and builders - and our waste hops are used at an allotment in Newcastle as a great soil improver! Old casks are used as plant pots and we are planning even more energy saving and recycling schemes for the future.

'Aspiring Project'

(Sponsored by SBC award presented by The Mayor of Stafford)

University Hospitals of the North Midlands NHS Trust
‘Solar PV Community Energy Scheme’

This exciting new Community Energy Project involving County Hospital in Stafford, set up by The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM), Southern Staffordshire Community Energy and charity ‘Beat the Cold’ seemed like a fabulous venture. At the time of application the installation of the solar panels was in the pipeline and the share offer open to the public to till late September. With fabulous benefits for the hospital, patients and the environment we thought this would be one to watch!
As a Stop Press - the share offer was successful in raising over £335,000 and over 1,000 solar panels are all now installed. What a great project - we look forward to how it unfolds over the coming year.