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Councillor: Jeremy Pert
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Ward: Eccleshall
Photo: Jeremy Pert
Contact Telephone: 07740 924659
Councillor Fax: 01785 619119
Postal Address: Bank Farm, Croxton, Stafford
ST21 6PE


I have lived in the rural community of Croxton, near Eccleshall for the past seventeen years having moved around the UK for much of my working life before that. Stafford Borough is one of the few places that has everything to live contentedly.

In the community, I am involved at various levels with a variety of community groups, particularly relating to sports and leisure and young people, including Eccleshall Eagles Junior Football Club and Eccleshall YoYo Youth Club. And have been involved previously with groups including the Eccleshall Show, Broughton and Croxton Fair, Broughton Parish Rooms, Eccleshall Football Club and Eccleshall Sports Group. Further afield I am a member of Sport Stafford Borough.

In 2013, I was involved with starting up Join In Stafford Borough, which was a set of eleven different events across nine sports locally.

For ten years I was on Eccleshall Parish Council until being elected to the Borough, including a stint of being deputy Chair of the Policy and Resources and Chair of the Traffic Management committees, during which time safety improvements were made to Newport Road and the zebra crossing was installed in Stafford Street. Whilst on the Parish Council, I fought to get the speed limit in Croxton reduced and the zone extended, whilst also secured a new children’s play area in the village with grant funding from various sources.

In my spare time, I do a bit of running and have completed sixteen half marathons, including Stafford six times and the London Marathon in 2007 and New York Marathon in 2011 and have raised over £6,000 for charity through taking part.

Please feel free to contact me via my mobile and if I am not available please leave a message for me and I will get back to you.

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Political Party

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Group Position
Conservative Party


I am a member of the following committees:-

Committee Position
Cabinet Community Portfolio
Chief Executive Appointment Committee

Diary Dates

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Date Meeting Position
02/05/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
13/05/2017 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
22/05/2017 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)
01/06/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
06/07/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
25/07/2017 Council (7.00pm)
03/08/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
31/08/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
19/09/2017 Council (7.00pm)
05/10/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
02/11/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
21/11/2017 Council (7.00pm)
07/12/2017 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
18/01/2018 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
30/01/2018 Council (7.00pm)
27/02/2018 Council (7.00pm)
01/03/2018 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
27/03/2018 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio
24/04/2018 Council (7.00pm)
03/05/2018 Cabinet (6.30pm) Community Portfolio

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