Councillor Brian Price

Councillor: Brian Price
Contact E-mail:
Ward: Swynnerton and Oulton
Photo: Brian Price
Contact Telephone: 01782 373825
Councillor Fax: 01785 619119
Postal Address: 25 Bracken Close, Tittensor, Stoke on Trent
ST12 9JD


Councillor Price has two grown up children and a granddaughter. He is a retired Schoolteacher and taught at Fair Oak High School in Rugeley and lives in Tittensor near Stone. 

Brian Price entered local politics in 1973 when it was proposed to build an M64 link between the M1 and the M6.  He successfully helped fight the proposal after getting elected as a Parish Councillor.  The scheme was modified and became the A50. 

Councillor Price was elected to Stafford Borough Council in 1987, lost his seat in 1995 but regained the Swynnerton Ward four years later and was re-elected in 2007 and again in 2011.  His hobbies include gardening, DIY and Council work. 

Political Party

I hold the following position(s) within my political group:-

Group Position
Conservative Party


I am a member of the following committees:-

Committee Position
Community Services Scrutiny Committee
Licensing Committee
Licensing Sub Committee
Planning & Regeneration Scrutiny Committee (now replaced by Community Services Scrutiny Committee)
Planning Committee

Diary Dates

The following is a list of dates of committees upon which I am presently a Member, click on the meeting to get the agenda, reports and minutes.

Date Meeting Position
09/05/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 11.00am)
09/05/2016 Special Planning Committee (2) (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 11.45am)
11/05/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
14/05/2016 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
23/05/2016 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)
26/05/2016 CANCELLED - Licensing Sub Committee (9.30am)
01/06/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/06/2016 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene 10.30am County Buildings)
21/06/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (5.30pm)
22/06/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/07/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
26/07/2016 Special Council (6.30pm)
26/07/2016 Council (7.00pm)
03/08/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
16/08/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (5.30pm)
24/08/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
14/09/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
20/09/2016 Special Council (6.30pm)
20/09/2016 Council (7.00pm)
26/09/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 11am)
26/09/2016 CANCELLED - Special Planning Committee (2)
05/10/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
17/10/2016 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre at 10.30am for meeting)
26/10/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
31/10/2016 Planning Committee - Additional Meeting (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 11.00am)
10/11/2016 CANCELLED - Licensing Sub Committee (1) (2.00pm)
10/11/2016 Licensing Sub Committee (2) (3.00pm)
15/11/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
16/11/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
22/11/2016 Council (7.00pm)
28/11/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (11.30am)
28/11/2016 Special Planning Committee (2) (12.30pm)
07/12/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
15/12/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
19/12/2016 Special Planning Committee (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 10.30am)
19/12/2016 Special Planning Committee (Additional Meeting) (11.00am)
10/01/2017 Special Community Services Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
16/01/2017 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 10.30am)
16/01/2017 Special Planning Committee - this meeting is now cancelled
25/01/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
31/01/2017 Council (7.00pm)
15/02/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
21/02/2017 Council (7.00pm)
23/02/2017 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
08/03/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
20/03/2017 Special Planning Committee (10.30am)
18/04/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
25/04/2017 Council as Trustee of the Izaak Walton Cottage Trust Meeting
25/04/2017 Council (7.00pm)
10/05/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/05/2017 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
22/05/2017 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)

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