Councillor Raymond M Sutherland

Councillor: Raymond M Sutherland
Contact E-mail:
Ward: Seighford and Church Eaton
Photo: Raymond M Sutherland
Contact Telephone: 01785 244739
Councillor Fax: 01785 619119
Postal Address: Sirocco, Church Lane, Derrington, Stafford
ST18 9LY


I have lived in Derrington with my wife Frances since 1980. I retired in 2005 after a career in senior management in the retail and financial sectors.

I was privileged to be elected to represent the constituents of Seighford Ward in 2003, re-elected in 2007, 2011 and with the boundary changes in 2015 I was elected to represent Seighford and Church Eaton Ward on the Borough Council.

In 2014/15 I was Mayor of Stafford Borough.

Currently, I am a member of the following:-

Community Services Scrutiny Committee, Planning Committee, Audit and Accounts Committee, Licensing Committee, Employee Appeals Committee and Chairman of the Standards Committee.  I am in my 11th year as chairman of the Sow and Penk Internal Drainage Board, and serve on the Post Office Working Group.

I also represented the Borough on the Community Council of Staffordshire. I am a trustee of the Mrs Cookson Charity and a trustee of Roger Hinton’s Charity, a member of the Beaconside Sports Centre Joint Management Committee, a director and executive of Stafford and District Bereavement and Loss Support Group, and on the committee of Relate North Staffordshire.

When able, I attend Parish Council meetings in Seighford, Derrington, Great Bridgeford, Creswell, Ranton, Hyde Lea, Ellenhall, Haughton, Bradley and Church Eaton.

Ward residents can contact me on my home phone number 01785 244739 my mobile 07702 848064 or by email:

I have served on various committees, including:-

  • 2003 - present, Member of the Council
  • 2004 - 2006 A founder member of the Stafford and Rural Homes Shadow Board
  • 2006 - 2009 Council Representative Member on the Board of SARH until resignation in 2009 to give more time to council positions
  • 2004 - 2009 Whilst on the Shadow Board and on the main board of SARH, I also chaired the Human Resources and Equalities Committee
  • 2009 - 2013, chairman of the Planning Committee
  • 2007- 2010 Public Appeals Committee (chairman 2007-2009)
  • Standards Committee chairman
  • Audit and Accounts Committee
  • Resources Scrutiny Committee
  • Community Scrutiny Committee
  • Post Office Working Group

Voluntary work:

  • 1997 - 2007 Chairman of Derrington Social Club
  • 2000 - 2010 Treasurer of Derrington Village Hall
  • 2010 - Appointed Holding Trustee of Derrington Village Hall
  • 2014/15 - Mayor of Stafford Borough

I am Group Chairman of the Conservative Group of Councillors and Deputy Chairman Political for Stafford Conservative Association.

Political Party

I hold the following position(s) within my political group:-

Group Position
Conservative Party


I am a member of the following committees:-

Committee Position
Audit and Accounts Committee
Community Services Scrutiny Committee
Employee Appeals Committee Chairman
Licensing Committee
Licensing Sub Committee
Planning Committee
Standards Committee Chairman

Diary Dates

The following is a list of dates of committees upon which I am presently a Member, click on the meeting to get the agenda, reports and minutes.

Date Meeting Position
09/05/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 11.00am)
09/05/2016 Special Planning Committee (2) (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 11.45am)
11/05/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
14/05/2016 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
23/05/2016 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)
26/05/2016 CANCELLED - Licensing Sub Committee (9.30am)
01/06/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/06/2016 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene 10.30am County Buildings)
14/06/2016 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
21/06/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (5.30pm)
22/06/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/07/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
26/07/2016 Special Council (6.30pm)
26/07/2016 Council (7.00pm)
03/08/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
16/08/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (5.30pm)
24/08/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/09/2016 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
14/09/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
20/09/2016 Special Council (6.30pm)
20/09/2016 Council (7.00pm)
26/09/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 11am)
26/09/2016 CANCELLED - Special Planning Committee (2)
05/10/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
17/10/2016 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre at 10.30am for meeting)
26/10/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
31/10/2016 Planning Committee - Additional Meeting (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 11.00am)
10/11/2016 CANCELLED - Licensing Sub Committee (1) (2.00pm)
10/11/2016 Licensing Sub Committee (2) (3.00pm)
15/11/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
16/11/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
22/11/2016 Council (7.00pm)
28/11/2016 Special Planning Committee (1) (11.30am)
28/11/2016 Special Planning Committee (2) (12.30pm)
06/12/2016 Audit and Accounts Commttee (6.30pm)
07/12/2016 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
15/12/2016 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
19/12/2016 Special Planning Committee (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 10.30am)
19/12/2016 Special Planning Committee (Additional Meeting) (11.00am)
10/01/2017 Special Community Services Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
16/01/2017 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 10.30am)
16/01/2017 Special Planning Committee - this meeting is now cancelled
25/01/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
31/01/2017 Council (7.00pm)
15/02/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
21/02/2017 Council (7.00pm)
23/02/2017 Community Services Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
08/03/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
20/03/2017 Special Planning Committee (10.30am)
23/03/2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
18/04/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
25/04/2017 Council as Trustee of the Izaak Walton Cottage Trust Meeting
25/04/2017 Council (7.00pm)
10/05/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/05/2017 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
22/05/2017 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)

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